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Tate McRae, also known as Tate Rosner McRae, is a performer from Canada who specialises in dance, songwriting, and singing. Tate McRae’s net worth is estimated to be $2 million as of the year 2022. Since the year 2011, she has been working in this field, and she also maintains her own YouTube channel, which currently has more than 3.55 million subscribers.

Tate McRae

Her primary focus is on the alternative-pop genre, and she is currently employed by the RCA record company. After the success of her song “You Broke Me First,” McRae shot to the top of the music charts all around the world. In the year 2020, McRae was the youngest of the artists to make it onto the Forbes list of 30 Under 30.

Tate McRae Wiki

Tate McRae was born on July 1, 2003, making his current age 19 as of the year 2022. She was born into a wealthy Christian family in the city of Calgary in Alberta, Canada, where she spent her childhood. She professes her faith in Christianity and holds a nationality that identifies her as a citizen of Canada.

Her secondary education was finished at Western Canada High School in Calgary, which is located in Alberta, Canada. She has not signed up for classes at any of the colleges as of yet.

Since she was a little child, she has always been more interested in performing arts, such as singing and dance, as well as extracurricular activities in general, than in academics. She has a burning desire to pursue a career in the entertainment industry as a singer and dancer, and she has had this desire since she was a child.

Boyfriend and Family

Mr. McRae is Tate McRae’s father, and he is a businessman by trade. Tate’s middle name is McRae. Tanja Rosner is Tate McRae’s mother, and she runs a dance group in her professional life. Tate’s middle name is Tate.

In addition, she has one sibling. Tucker McRae is the name of her older brother.

Tate McRae

Tate McRae is not currently in a committed relationship with anyone. She does not currently have a romantic relationship with anyone and considers herself to be single at this time. There is absolutely no information provided about any of her previous relationships.


McRae came to the attention of RCA Records in 2019 after her original song “One Day” (2017) went viral on YouTube. As a result, she released her debut EP, which is titled All the Things I Never Said. McRae came to the attention of the public at the age of thirteen, when she became the first Canadian to reach the finals of the American reality TV show “So You Think You Can Dance” (2020).

After her song “You Broke Me First” became a smash hit all over the world, McRae quickly rose to prominence in the music world. In the year 2020, McRae held the title of being the youngest musician to be included on Forbes’ list of 30 Under 30. On Spotify, her second extended play, titled “Too Young to Be Sad (2021),” was the most popular female EP of the year 2021. I Used to Think I Could Fly is the title of her first studio album, which was released on May 27, 2022.

Tate McRae Net Worth

Tate McRae’s net worth is estimated to be $2 million as of the year 2022. Her singing efforts, in addition to a number of other successful commercial endeavours, are the primary sources of her income.

Tate McRae

Trivia & Unknown Facts

  • In 2016, she competed in the So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation show and finished in third place. She is also a vocalist, and in January of 2020, she published an extended play (EP) named All the Things I Never Said.
  • When she started dancing for the first time, she was 6 years old.
  • At that year’s New York City Dance Alliance competition, she finished in second place overall.
  • She spent some time in the Middle East after she was born in Canada, but she eventually made her way back home to Canada.
  • The dance studio was formerly operated by her mother Tanja. Her dad’s name is Todd. Tucker is her older brother’s name, and he is her only sibling. In the year 2022, she first began dating Cole Sillinger.
  • After being chosen as a dancer for his Purpose tour when she was just 12 years old, she finally got the chance to meet Justin Bieber.

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