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The first in a series of memorial concerts to honor the life and music of the late Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins took place at Wembley Arena on September 3. At the memorial performance, star-drummers performed, including Oliver Shane Hawkins, who is just 16 years old but is Taylor Hawkins’ son. According to footage that have been shared on social media, Oliver Hawkins played the drums for the famous smash “My Hero” by Foo Fighters in 1997.

Oliver Hawkins performed the drums for the audience as a slideshow of photos of him and his older brother, Taylor Hawkins, played on a screen in the backdrop. The purpose of the presentation was to introduce Oliver to the audience.

Oliver Taylor Hawkins, more often known as Taylor Hawkins, was an American musician and drummer. His given name was Taylor Hawkins. Taylor Hawkins’s net worth is estimated to be $40 million as of the year 2022. He was well-known for his work as a drummer for the rock band Foo Fighters, for which he contributed to eight studio albums (1999-2021).

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Taylor Hawkins and the Coattail Riders have published three studio albums under his own between the years 2006 and 2019. In each of these albums, he not only sung but also played the drums. In the year 2020, Jane’s Addiction members Dave Navarro and Chris Chaney formed a supergroup, with Chaney serving as the principal vocalist and drummer. Navarro took on the role of frontman for the band.

Taylor Hawkins Wiki

At the time of his passing, Taylor Hawkins had reached the age of 50 years old. He had been born on February 17, 1972. He was born into a very wealthy, upper-class Christian family in Fort Worth, Texas, in the United States, where he also spent his childhood. He believed in God as revealed in the Bible and identified as a Christian. He was a citizen of the United States.

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His primary and secondary education were both completed in the neighborhood school in Fort Worth, Texas, in the United States. After that, he enrolled in the high school of his choice, which was located in Laguna Beach, California, in the United States. He was always more interested in music than in schoolwork, even from the time he was a little kid.

Relationships & Family

Terry and Elizabeth Ann Hawkins are Taylor Hawkins’s parents. Taylor is their only child. Her father’s name was Terry Hawkins, and he was a Businessman by trade. Her mother’s name was Elizabeth Ann Hawkins, and she was a Homemaker by trade. Taylor Hawkins is the daughter of Terry and Elizabeth Ann Hawkins.

Additionally, he was one of two siblings. The name Jason Hawkins belongs to his brother, while the name Heather Hawkins belongs to his sister.

At the time of his passing, Taylor Hawkins was already married in a committed relationship. Alison Hawkins, an American celebrity, became his wife in 1994, the year of their wedding.
In addition to dating Alison Hawkins, he was also romantically involved with Minnie Driver.


This past March, in the month of March, Taylor Hawkins died away at the age of 50. South American was the location of the drummer’s most recent tour stop with Foo Fighters. On March 25, the band was scheduled to do a performance at the Festival Estereo Picnic that was held in Bogota, Colombia.

taylor hawkinsThe first toxicology findings on the deceased singer revealed that he had ten different psychoactive drugs in his system at the time of his death. The death of Hawkins was not ruled to be the result of an overdose by the Attorney General’s Office in Colombia. However, it was said that early toxicology testing indicated that the artist’s system included 10 different narcotics. These chemicals included marijuana, opiates, benzodiazepines, and tricyclic antidepressants. It was stated that the singer had been experiencing chest issues before he died suddenly.

Hawkins began his life in California when his family moved there while he was a youngster, although he was born in Fort Worth, Texas. As a result of his participation in Alanis Morissette’s Jagged Little Pill tour in the late 1990s, he became well-known among fans as a drummer. Alison, Hawkins’ long-time partner, and he tied the knot in 2005. The Hawkins’ son, Oliver Shane, and their two daughters, Annabelle and Everleigh, are all among those who have been left behind.

During the course of his career, Hawkins contributed to eight different albums by the Foo Fighters. These featured albums such as There Is Nothing Left to Lose (1999), One by One (2002), In Your Honor (2005), Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace (2007), Wasting Light (2011), Sonic Highways (2014), Concrete and Gold (2017), and Medicine at Midnight (2017). (2021).

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