Thomas Barbusca, Age, Net Worth, Wiki, Height, Girlfriend

Thomas Barbusca is a well-known model and actor in the United States. The sum of $3 million represents Thomas Barbusca’s total wealth. After playing the role of Chip Pemberton, he became well-known around the world. He was cast as one of the three children in the television comedy known as “The Mick,” and he was successful in getting the part. Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life is a film that Thomas Barbusca had the chance to participate in, and he took advantage of that opportunity.

He is seen here doing the part of Drew in this scene. According to the story, the character was truly a camp bully when they were younger. This was seen in the Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp episode of the television series that is available on Netflix. In addition, despite the fact that it was the fifth season of American Horror Story, Thomas Barbusca was given the opportunity to play a character on the show.

Thomas Barbusca

In the year 2016, Thomas Barbusca was given the chance to participate in The Mick, in which he was cast as a co-star with an actor named Chip Pemberton. In addition, he appeared in the movie Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life, which was also a part of his filmography.

The book published in 2011 served as the primary source material for this movie. And, curiously enough, the book in question had the same title. James Patterson and Chris Tebbetts collaborated on the work that you’re now reading. Thomas Barbusca is portrayed as Leo in this scene. Thomas Barbusca has just recently started his career in the entertainment world, so he still has a ways to go before he becomes successful.

Thomas Barbusca Wiki

Thomas Barbusca was born on March 3, 2003, making his current age 19 as of the year 2022. It is believed that Thomas Barbusca is of Italian origin. He identifies as a Christian in spite of the fact that he was born in the United States of America.

The United States of America is Thomas Barbusca’s birthplace and permanent residence.

Thomas Barbusca

It was discovered throughout the course of studying Thomas Barbusca’s educational credentials that he had received his schooling at home. There is no new information that we can find, and we will have to hold off till he exposes the facts.

Family, Girlfriend, and Relationship

Parents’ names are Louie and Debra Barbusca, and their son’s name is Thomas.

The name Debra Re Barbusca was given to Thomas Barbusca’s mother when she was born. There is an older sister in the Barbusca family, and that sister is also an actress. Her name is Brielle Barbusca.

There is no information provided regarding the work that either of his parents did or any other information about his family. We have reason to suspect that Thomas Barbusca is an extremely private individual who does not want for these details to be made public. Therefore, we are going to have to wait till he does it.

Thomas Barbusca

As of the year 2022, Thomas Barbusca does not have a spouse and is hence considered to be single. There is no evidence that he is seeing anybody or that he is involved in any kind of relationship. It’s possible that the only thing on his mind right now is the advancement of his profession.

Physical Apperance

Thomas Barbusca is a really gorgeous young guy, and he is around 5 feet 9 inches tall. His weight is about 155 pounds. The weight of Thomas Barbusa is roughly 75 kg. However, there is currently no information available on Thomas Barbusca’s precise physical measurements.

He follows a stringent diet in order to keep in shape, and contrary to popular belief, his diet does not only consist of vegetarian fare. Thomas Barbusca has gorgeous brown eyes, and his hair is a light shade of brown. His complexion is also brown. He wears his hair in a short cut most of the time. He has a wonderful personality.

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