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Vivienne Medrano is popularly known as VivziePop which is the name of her popular Youtube channel. As of now, her Youtube channel VivziePop has more than 3.2 million subscribers and over 30 million views. Vivienne Maree Medrano is the complete name of VivziePop who has received a lot of fame and limelight as a talented animated web series creator.

Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss are the popular animated comedy web series of Vivienne. She gained the attention of many people from all over the globe due to her exceptional work in Hazbin Hotel which was premiered in the year 2019.

However, Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss are not the only creations of VivziePop. In the year 2009, she also has created Why I Hate Phones and her Cartoon All-Star Reanimate released in the year 2019 are also popular.

This popular animated web creator, director, a producer is lately searched a lot on the web as her creations get popular day by day. You all are probably aware of the creations and talent of this young lady but a few know about her personal private life. Stay tuned till the end, as we discuss some unknown facts and inside information about Vivienne Medrano also known as VivziePop!


Vivienne Medrano Wiki

Vivienne was born on 28 October in the year 1992 in Maryland located in the United States of America. She was raised and brought up in the USA along with her parents and siblings. Since a very tender age, Vivienne Medrano was interested in comics and cartoons and she had decided to make her career in this field itself.

As of now, Vivienne Medrano is just 28 years old and she has achieved great fame early in her career. In the year 2016, Medrano shifted to California from her home town for better work exposure.

Vivienne Medrano images

On 10th May 2019, Vivienne directed a web series named Why I Hate Phones and the storyline of the series was an unknown person who keeps calling her every time and doesn’t reveal his face. However, a breakthrough in her career was in the year 2012 when her comic ZooPhobia went viral and Vivienne Medrano became a popular name. But, from the year 2017, this webcomic is not viewed much.

Vivienne did her schooling from a local school in Maryland, USA. Later, in 2014, she completed her graduation from the School of Visual Arts majoring in traditional animation. The Son of 666 premiered in the year 2103 was released when she was in her graduation years. In the following year, Medrano also released another film named Timber which won the Dusty award for that year!

Then, in the year 2016, Vivienne Medrano joined the Gobelins School located in Paris, France. Hazbin Hotel which is a superhit animated comedy web series has got VivziePop a lot of attention and fame. Not only she has received fame but also a considerable amount of fortune for her exceptional work and efforts. Before making this series, Vivienne was an animator working in Too Loud! which is a web series by Nico Colaleo.

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Vivienne Medrano Youtube: VivziePop

VivziePop is the name of the Youtube channel of Vivienne and popularly she is also known as VivziePop by her fans. Medrano created her Youtube channel on 9 September in the year 2012 and she had no clue that it was going to be so popular. As of now, VivziePop has more than whooping 2.3 million subscribers and more than 30 million views.

The videos of VivziePop get millions of views and within a day of uploading, it gets at least 100k views. The animation skills and outstanding web series has gained a lot of fame and name for Vivienne. After graduating from the School of Visual Arts, in 2014 her video of the character JayJay from ZooPhobia went viral. The video was seen by more than 60 million people which also got more than 1 million likes!


Vivienne Medrano is still quite young and still has a long career left. However, her Youtube channel VivziePop did give her a big boost and it has got an overwhelming response which was not expected by Medrano. Due to her outstanding work, Medrano has lately earned a handsome amount of money as well. The net worth of Vivienne Medran a.k.a VivziePop is estimated to be around $70,000.

VivziePop Drama & Controversy

In May 2019, there were accusations made by a random Reddit user about VivziePop on the subreddit community of the Hazbin Hotel. Plagiarism, promoting blackface as well as drawing pedophilia was the accusation made by the user to the producer of Hazbin Hotel on 13th May in the year 2019.

The Reddit post was linked to another Twitter profile who accused VivziePop in a harsh and bad language. They were extremely racists as well as transphobic comments made against the creator of the Hazbin Hotel. Not only this another Twitter user named @throwawayblehh1 also said a lot of things against Medrano.

Vivienne Medrano and her team and put in a lot of work and effort in this big project which can surely be seen by the fans. They barely finished the production of the Hazbin Hotel just before one week. The creators say that they were working day and night for this project putting their souls in this comedy animated web series.

Reacting to all this drama and controversy Ashley Nicols who was one of the creators tweeted on Twitter saying that she was been quiet for a long time but the recap of issues related to Hazbin Hotel is troubling her. She was not saying and reacting to harsh comments but she couldn’t resist and had to tweet.

Ashley also said that it is pretty sick to see that people are trying to take down this exceptional project which Medrano and I have put our souls in. However, we should understand that it is pretty common to be a lot of haters for a show which is liked by millions of people from the world. The fans of Hazbin Hotel are currently quiet as well as there are no signs of proof and evidence behind the accusations.

Episode 2 Hazbin Hotel

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The success of Hazbin Hotel

The first pilot episode of the Hazbin Hotel was very popular and millions of people from all over the globe loved it. The popularity of the Hazbin Hotel has overwhelming and the fans want to see Episode 2 now. Many fans of the Hazbin Hotel have only one question when will Episode two be released.

Hell has the issue of overpopulation and heaven does solve the problem of hell by mass slaughtering sinners. The story of the Hazbin Hotel starts with the aim of the Princess of Hell named Charlie to give a road to redemption to all the demons. Charlie was born and brought up in hell and being the princess of hell Charlie is not happy with how her people are killed every year.

The main characters of this animated adult comedy web series are Vaggie, Husk, Alastor, Angel Dust, Cherri Bomb, and Sir Pentious. There are a lot of small details that really show the efforts put by VivziePop and her team.

The Hazbin Hotel is inspired by the hand-drawn classic 2D cartoons which are very entertaining. This animated adult web series is quite popular but is not to be watched by kids.

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VivziePop Social media presence

Vivienne is quite active on popular social media platforms and she also has a considerable amount of followers as well. She is active on Twitter, Instagram, as well as Youtube and you can say that she has now become a popular social media influencer. As of now, on Twitter Medrano has more than 260k followers and her handle is by @Vivziepop.


Also, Vivienne has a Facebook page by the name Vivienne Medrano and she shares her artworks over there. More than 50k people are following her on her page. If you are really interested in seeing her artworks then you can watch it on VivzMind which is a Devian Art page!

Her Instagram account is by the name @vivziebizzie and you can follow her to get her latest personal as well as work-related updates. It has more than 150k followers and over 3000 posts. Although Vivienne is quite popular now still she is unverified on Instagram.

VivziePop is the name of the Youtube channel of Medrano and it has over 3.2 million subscribers. Vivienne is quite popular on Youtube receiving over 30 million views on her videos all time. Her videos get views in millions and thousands of likes.

Many people don’t know the fact that Vivienne is an avid animal lover and she absolutely loves cats. Medrano also has pet cats and she uploads pictures of them on her account quite frequently. 


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