Vlad Hoshin Age, Net Worth, Wiki, Height, Girlfriend

A South Korean TikToker, Instagrammer, YouTuber, and social media star, Vlad Hoshin (also spelled Vladislav Tyan Hoshin) goes by the name Vladislav Tyan Hoshin. In the year 2022, Vlad Hoshin has a net worth of half a million dollars.

Vlad Hoshin

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On her TikTok account, Vlad Hoshin is well known for posting comedic videos as well as various sorts of videos that include her lip syncing. His Vlad.hoshin TikTok account has amassed millions of followers throughout the course of its existence.

Social networking has made Vlad Hoshin a household name. In addition to being well-known on TikTok, he is also well-known on Instagram, YouTube, and a number of other social media sites.

Biography of Vlad Hoshin

As of the year 2022, Vlad Hoshin is 20 years old, having been born on the 28th of December 2001. He was born into a stable Christian family that originated in Moscow, Russia, where he spent his childhood. He professes faith in Christianity despite the fact that he was born in Russia and his nationality is Russian.

Vlad Hoshin

He finished his primary and secondary education at the Local School in Moscow, Russia.

Following that, he enrolled himself in a regional university in Russia, and it was from there that he received his degree. Since he was a youngster, he has always taken part in a wide variety of sports and extracurricular activities. He has always had the ambition of becoming a well-known celebrity, and in order to fulfil this goal, he launched his internet career at a young age.

Trivia & Unknown Facts

  • Social media celebrity who is most recognised for his vlad.hoshin TikTok account, on which he shares comedic videos that he and his pals often shoot together.
  • His writing that is easily relevant often coincides with prevalent themes. He became famous for painting on his face and now has over 11 million followers across all of his social media platforms.
  • In March of 2019, he began using TikTok and created an account there.

Vlad Hoshin

  • The finger painting on his face is featured in the first video of his to get more than one million views on TikTok. On his face, he has a tattoo of a spider, and on his breast, he has a tattoo of a snake.
  • He now resides in Moscow, Russia, and is descended from South Korean people.
  • He often works on his TikTok account with the assistance of his good friend Amina Mirzoeva.

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