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Whindersson Nunes, better known by his stage name Whindersson Nunes Batista, is a comedian, singer, TikToker, and YouTuber from Brazil. He is also known as Whindersson Nunes Batista. Whindersson Nunes’s net worth is estimated to be $5.5 million as of the year 2022. On a regular basis, he contributes comedic videos to his YouTube account, in addition to acting and singing videos.

Whindersson Nunes

On his YouTube account, he has over 22 million followers, and his videos have had over 1.5 billion views. In addition to that, you can find him posting often on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. On his Instagram account, he has a following of more than 40,1 million people.

Whindersson Nunes Wiki

As of the year 2022, Whindersson Nunes will be 27 years old, having been born on January 5th, 1995. His childhood was spent at Palmeira do Piau, which is located in the Brazilian state of Piau. His family was well-established there. In addition to his Christian faith, he is a Brazilian citizen and possesses the nationality of that country.

In Brazil, he attended a local high school till he finished his primary and secondary education. After that, he went ahead and enrolled in classes at a nearby institution, from which he ultimately received his degree. Since he was a youngster, he has had a strong interest in performing on stage and creating comedic videos.

Girlfriend and Relationships

The names Hidelbrando Sousa Batista and Valdenice Sousa Nunes belong to Whindersson Nunes’s parents. Hidelbrando Sousa Batista is Whindersson Nunes’s father, and he is a businessman by trade. Whindersson’s middle name is Batista.

The mother of Whindersson Nunes is a woman by the name of Valdenice Sousa Nunes. Valdenice Sousa Nunes works as a homemaker.

Whindersson Nunes

In addition to this, he is an only child. Whindersson Nunes is the only kid that his mother and father had.

It has been determined that he is no longer married. He had a significant other whose name was Luisa Sonza, and they were dating. In February of 2018, the pair tied the knot in a ceremony based on their respective faiths. After another year, in April of 2020, they finally went their own ways.

After that, he proposed to his girlfriend Maria Lina the next year in the same calendar year.

Physical Looks & Height

Whindersson Nunes is a young child with an endearing and dashing demeanour to go along with his excellent looks, intelligence, and overall attractiveness. His physical dimensions are excellent, and he has a normal body type overall. He has a powerful and appealing physique.

His height is around 175 centimetres (5 feet and 9 inches), and his weight is approximately 65 kilogrammes (kg). He has hair that is short and of a trendy black colour, and eyes that are a stunning dark brown colour that are both gorgeous and intriguing.


Whinderssonnunes began his career as a YouTuber when he was 15 years old. He began by uploading comedic videos to his account on YouTube. He published a spoof video on YouTube with the title “WHAT IS THE WIFI PASSWORD-Parody Adele-Hello,” and it has received more than 69 million views as of this writing. In addition to singing, he is an audience member during live concerts.

He is well-known on TikTok, where he goes by the moniker “bichosoltos-dowhind,” as well as on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter; on the latter three platforms, he is known for posting stunning photographs and entertaining tweets. He is a superb vocalist, and in 2019 he released a song with the title “Girassol.”

Whindersson Nunes

In addition to that, he is an accomplished actor. He had an appearance in the comedic films “The Penetras 2” and “Internet The Movie” with other well-known actors and actresses, such as Kéfera Buchmann, Christian Figueredo, and Rafinha Bastos, among others. “The Penetras 2” was a comedy. “Internet The Movie” was a drama.

Net Worth: Whindersson Nunes

Whindersson Nunes’s estimated net worth as of the year 2022 is roughly $5.5 million. He makes the most of his income from the several social media profiles he maintains in addition to numerous untapped resources. In addition to it, he has a successful acting career.

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