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Willow Oakley is the name of the lovely and sweet daughter of Michelle Oakley. Dr. Michelle Oakley is a professional veterinarian who has her show which airs on Nat Geo Wild. Willow Oakley is seen with her mother on this show quite often mostly helping her.

Dr.Oakley Yukon Vet is a very unique American show in which Dr. Oakley is the host. She does animal care and rescue being a veterinarian by profession. Dr. Oakley is regularly seen on television taking care of these lovely animals along with her daughters.

Willow Oakley is the youngest daughter of Michelle Oakley who gets the most pampered. Sierra Oakley and Maya Oakley are the sisters of Willow Oakley. Many people have seen Willow Oakley on television but very few know about her personal life. In this article, we will talk about some inside information and unknown facts about Willow Oakley!

Willow Oakley Age

NameWillow Oakley
Date of Birth2004
ProfessionTV personality

Willow Oakley was born in the year 2004 in the United States of America. Willow was raised and brought up along with her father, mother, and siblings. She is still young but is active on social media platforms. As of now, Willow is just 18 years old whereas her sister Maya is 22 years old and her eldest sister is 24 years old.

Willow Oakley

The ethnicity of Willow Oakley is white and her nationality is American. Willow is very young and currently is in her schooling days. Michelle Oakley is the name of her mother whereas Shane Oakley is the name of her father. Her mother is a veterinarian by profession and her father is a courageous firefighter by profession. Both of them work for the good of others and their daughters are quite proud and inspired by their parents.

She has an Instagram account with a considerable amount of followers. Not much is known about her school and early life and the information is still under review.

Willow is completing her school at a local school in Yukon. She sees her mother take care of animals and always says that she wants to become like her mother. The eldest sister of Willow, Sierra Oakley also wants to become a veterinarian and help her mother out. Willow was born in Yukon but currently, she resides in Haines Junction.

Willow Oakley

 Willow Oakley: Social Media Presence

Willow Oakley is just 18 years old and still, she is quite active on social media platforms. She has accounts on popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, as well as Instagram. As of now, Willow Oakley has a Twitter account with more than 1k followers and is by the name @willowoakley1.

On Instagram, she has around 1.6k followers but she is not that active on these social media sites. Very rarely does she post stuff about her photos and give updates. She has a considerable amount of followers on Facebook as well and you can follow her to receive the latest updates.

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Michelle Oakley: Mother of Willow Oakley

FatherShane Oakley
MotherDr.Michelle Oakley
SisterMaya Oakley, Sierra Oakley

Dr.Oakley since a very tender age was very interested as well as fascinated by animals. She attended the Alantic Veterinary College commonly known as AVC by the locals. This college is a globally recognized veterinary school located in Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Oakley Vet Services is the name of the organization which is founded by Dr.Oakley to save animals as well as take to take proper care of them. Dr.Oakley, Yukon Vet show was first aired on 4th April in the year 2014. Since then this show has gained a lot of popularity due to its uniqueness from other reality television shows.

Oakley sisters

The theme of this show is based on Dr.Oakley’s adventures in her home base located in Haines Junction as well as Haines, Alaska. Haines Junction is a small village in Yukon which is located in the country of Canada.

Dr.Oakley got a lot of fame and name when her show started airing on Nat Geo Wild. Not only did she grab the attention of many people but she also gained a considerable amount of income from it.

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Willow Oakley


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