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YBN Nahmir, whose real name is Nicholas Alexander Simmons, is a rapper, composer, and actor based in the United States. YBN Nahmir has a net worth of one million dollars as of the year 2022. It was his tunes like “Rubbin Off the Paint,” “Bounce Out With That,” and “Opp Stoppa” that brought him widespread recognition.

In addition to his job as a professional singer, he is also well-known across a number of other social media sites. On his channel, where he mostly shares gameplay footage of Grand Theft Auto V, he has amassed a sizable number of devoted subscribers over the years.

Clay-Chalkville High School is located in Clay, Alabama. Although Simmons did not finish his high school education after the release of “Rubbin Off the Paint,” he did graduate in May of 2018. Additionally, he is connected to YBN Manpreet, who is also a rapper.

Following his consistent posting of songs to YouTube, his track, ‘Why,’ has been played more than 50,000 times on SoundCloud. 2017 saw the release of his album titled “Rubbin’ Of the Paint,” which served as a turning point in his professional career.

YBN Nahmir

In 2018, he released his subsequent chart-topping single, titled “Bounce Out With That.”

YBN Nahmir will begin his “break” on October 15, 2021, only one day after Lil Yachty makes fun of him about the things he “dislikes.” Rappers are known to take part in jovial internet chats rather regularly, in which they openly poke fun at one another.

Because to Lil Yachty’s response to YBN Nahmir’s tweet, the latter was inundated with trolls, which is not usual of situations in which one artist throws a little verbal jab at another. However, this situation did provide for some funny moments.

A YouTube screenshot of Nahmir’s song “Soul Train” from his album Visionland, which was published in March, was retweeted by Nahmir as an expression of admiration for his own work. In a seemingly casual tweet, Yachty couldn’t help but call attention to the obvious statistics from YouTube. This message was identical to hundreds of others from bands in the same genre as Yachty.

YBN Nahmir Wiki

As of the year 2022, YBN Nahmir will be 22 years old, having been born on the 18th of December 1999. He was born into a stable Christian household in Birmingham, Alabama, in the United States, where he also spent his childhood. He professes his faith in Christianity and has an American citizenship, although his nationality is American.

His early education was finished at Clay-Chalkville High School in Clay, Alabama, which is located in the United States. After that, in the year 2018, due to the popularity of his song named “Rubbin Off the Paint,” he chose to discontinue his education and leave college.

Ever since he was a little boy, he has had the ambition to carve himself a successful career in the entertainment world as a singer and rapper.

Christmas brought him an Xbox 360 when he was 14 years old, and he’s been playing it ever since. Rock band was the first video game he played on the PlayStation, and it was this game that helped him discover his love in music. After that, he began playing Grand Theft Auto V, and whenever there was a GTA V live stream, he and his pals would do freestyle rap together.

YBN Nahmir

He was an avid player of a wide variety of video games, including “Rock Band” and “Grand Theft Auto V.” He used to videotape himself playing video games in order to get more followers to his channel on “YouTube.” Simmons used to frequent ‘Xbox Live’ parties in his spare time when he wasn’t busy playing video games.

Relationships and the Family

YBN Nahmir’s mother is known as Mrs. Simmons, while his father goes by the name Mr. Simmons. Mr. Simmons works in the business world, and Mrs. Simmons is a stay-at-home mom. The majority of his boyhood is spent in the company of his mother, aunt, and cousins.

Physical Apperance

YBN Nahmir is a guy who is attractive and dashing in personality in addition to being good-looking, intelligent, and gorgeous. His physical dimensions are excellent, and he has a normal body type overall. He has a powerful and appealing physique.

His height is around 170 centimetres (5 feet 7 inches), and his weight is approximately 65 kilogrammes (kg). He has hair that is cut short and has a trendy black colour, and he has eyes that are a stunningly gorgeous and hypnotic black colour. He has covered his body in a variety of locations with a stunning collection of tattoos.


In April 2017, while he was just 17 years old, he co-founded the hip hop group YBN (Young Boss Nig*as) with six of his close friends. These buddies were YBN Almighty Jay, YBN Cordae, YBN Glizzy, YBN Manny, and YBN Ceylon.
As a writer and collaborator with another member of YBN, YBN Almighty Jay, he is responsible for the publication of their debut song, “Hood Mentality,” which can be found on Youtube.
The song known as “Hood Mentality” was a failure and did not garner any substantial number of views. Over the course of the following two years, he continued to submit new songs, but he saw very little success as a result of his efforts.

YBN NahmirIn July of 2018, he made the announcement that he will be touring Europe with two other members of his “YBN Collective,” YBN Almighty Jay and YBN Cordae. Later on in 2018, he also intends to release a mixtape titled “YBN: The Mixtape.” Gucci Mane, Machine Gun Kelly, and Lil Skies are just a few of the musicians who will be included on the mixtape. In 2018, Simmons was also given a recording contract by ‘Atlantic Records.’

YBN Nahmir Girlfriend

The relationship status of YBN Nahmir is that of a single man. He does not currently have a romantic relationship with anybody and is considered to be single at this time. There is almost no information provided about any of his previous relationships.

YBN Nahmir is romantically involved with Alycia Tyre, better known by her stage as Sahlt.

YBN Nahmir Net Worth

YBN Nahmir is one of the most well-known rappers in the United States, and the bulk of the money he earns comes from his career as a rapper. It is believed that he has a net worth of one million dollars.

Trivia & Unknown Facts

  • At the moment, Simmons may be found calling Los Angeles, California, home.
  • On his Xbox 360, Simmons enjoys playing a variety of video games, including Rock Band and GTA V.
  • His debut song, titled “Mopsticks,” was published to his Soundcloud in September of 2016, and it was named after the instrument.
  • Simmons used to freestyle at Xbox Live parties while playing Grand Theft Auto V, and he and a group of his friends eventually founded the Young Boss Nig*as collective.

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