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Dara Kravitz who is also known as Dara Gottfried is a popular American film producer. She is known for being the wife of Gilbert Gottfried, who is an American actor, stand-up comedian and voice actor. Dara has a very successful career in film and radio production but she started her career working in the music industry. A successful career in the film industry was mostly influenced due to her husband, Gilbert Gottfried. If you are interested in knowing some juicy information about Dara Kravitz then stay tuned till the end.

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Personal wiki

Dara Kravitz was born and brought up in Miami, Florida on February 24, 1970. Her father’s name is Stephen Kravitz whereas Heather Sokuvitz is her mother’s name. Her mother’s age is around 72 as of 2019 and her father Stephen is 74 years old in 2019. Dara met her future husband at a Grammy Awards party at the end of the 1990s. The popular stand-up comedian and actor Gilbert Gottfried was impressed by Dara when we met her at the ‘Tavern on the Green’ at the award show. The duo dated for a long time for more than 10 years. 

Gilbert and Dara finally married in the year 2007 under a Chuppah. This beautiful couple has two children, one is a daughter named Lily Aster Gottfried and a son named Max Gottfried. The family lives together happily in Manhattan, New York City. Judaism is practiced by the whole family. Dara Kravitz is a blonde beautiful lady with brown eyes and she has the height which is close to her husband i.e. 5 ft 5 in(165 CMS). Dara Kravitz also has a sister Jan who lives in her birthplace Miami Florida. 

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Now let’s talk about Dara’s husband Gilbert Gottfried. Gilbert Gottfried was born on February 28, 1995, and he is an American actor as well as stand up comedian. Gilbert is very popular as the voice of parrot ‘Lago’ in Disney series. He also played when mother roles in film and television including, Digit in PBS kids go! Show known as CyberChase he was also featured in teenage mutant ninja turtles. He also was the voice of Aflac duck till the year 2011. From the year 2014, Gilbert started hosting a podcast name ‘Gilbert Gottfried amazing colossal podcast’ with features the discussion of movies and interviews of popular celebrities. Also, this show features comedians, musicians, veteran actors, and comedian writers. A new show is released every week featuring one of the above celebrities. In the year 2017, a documentary film Gilbert was released on Gilbert’s life and career.

Dara Kravitz- Career & Net worth

Dara started her career in the year 1990 as an intern at active records located in New York City. After that, she also served in various promotion capacities at Geffen Records, EMI, and also Lava Records. Dara Bank begins working for MCA Records, where she became the national director of promotion in the year 2000. There Dara was responsible for starting modern adult and adult top 40 radio formats. She was working under Bonnie Goldner who was the vice president of promotion based in New York City. 

Dara Kravitz

If you don’t know MCA records is a record label under ‘Universal Music Group’ which is the world’s leading music company which has licenses all over the world. Later in the year 2005, the error came into LimeLight when she produced Gilbert Gottfried: Dirty Jokes and Celebrity wife swap. In the year 2013, she appeared in the celebrity wife swap, in which he was married to Alan Thicke. He used to swap places with his wife Tanya Callau.

Gilbert Gottfried’s wife Dara Kravitz is 49 years old as of 2019 and Gilbert himself is of 61 in the year 2019. Dara’s estimated net worth is not known until now. But, her husband Gilbert’s net worth is estimated to be around 6 million dollars.

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Gilbert Gottfried and Dara Kravitz

The relationship- Dara and Gilbert met at ‘Tavern on the Green’, at the Grammy Awards party. What actually happened was, Dara mistakenly drop some food off her plate on the table and seeing this Gilbert quickly picked the food up and put it into his plate! Dhara found that very cute and adorable and since then the chemistry started. After that, they started dating and Dara also once stated that she will not get anyone else like Gilbert. 

 They dated for about 10 years and then finally in the year 2007 they got married. It is very impressive to see such a long-lasting relationship. This lovely couple lives in Manhattan New York City apartment along with their two kids. This beautiful duo has two children, one is a daughter named Lily Aster Gottfried and a son named Max Gottfried. Both of them are small and attend a public elementary school in Chelsea, Manhattan.

Producing Podcast 

Kravitz also produced a podcast named Gilbert Gottfried’s colossal podcast, which also won the award of the podcast of the year 2015. Gottfried used to spend hours talking on a mobile with soon-to-become co-host Dave Attell about funny e old stories of Hollywood and obscure actors. Seeing this Dara got the inspiration of the podcast ‘Gilbert Gottfried’s Colossal podcast. 

This podcast is quite famous now and over 200 guests have appeared on it. Also, this podcast has over 1 million downloads and listeners from all around the world. So, this unusual inspiration of podcast became an excuse for them to speak and interview with several celebrities. Although Gilbert Gottfried’s Colossal podcast is very successful, Dara admitted that it doesn’t make many profits. This is very heartbreaking to hear as fans of this podcasts. 

Dara Kravitz

Unknown trivia about Dara Kravitz

  • The first meeting of Dara and Gilbert was very funny. They met each other when Dara mistakenly drop some food and Gilbert picked it and put on his plate. Impressed by this Dara started talking and further their relationship bloomed.
  • For several years Gilbert did not reveal to the public that he was dating Dara as he likes to keep his public and personal life separate.
  • In the year 2017, the documentary named Gilbert was released in which all his private life was known to the public. Also, his strong relationships with Dara were revealed.
  • It was Gilbert lifelong dream to make a documentary about him and this dream became a reality due to Dara. The popular film director Neil Berkeley was the best friend of Dara and she insisted him on making a documentary on Gilbert.
  • This documentary took 4 years to complete. After meeting Neil Berkeley, Gilbert thought for 2 years and finally agreed to this documentary. And it took roughly 2 years for filming all the important aspects of Gilbert’s life.

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