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Ever switched into WKYC in the morning and have found a peppy, vivacious personality who really put a spring in your steps at the start of your day? If yes, then you probably came across Hollie Strano, a name equal to morning news in Cleveland, Ohio. In this article, we are to delve deeper into the life of Hollie Strano from her career at WKYC to her personal life we will cover everything!

Hollie Strano
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Hollie Strano Wiki

Name Hollie Strano (Giangreco)
Age  52 years old (As of 2024)
Date of Birth 3 December 1972
Nationality American
Gender Female
Religion Christianity
Profession Jouranlist

Hollie Strano is an American meteorologist who does meteorological reports and speaks of weathers and storms. Hollie is a very sweet and infectious personality and she brightens even the gloomy days with her reports and skills. She gained limelight when she showcased her weather forecast skills in her native, Cleveland. Over there, she worked for the television channel WKYC-TV which made her a lot of name and fame.

Hollie Strano was born on 3rd December 1972 in Lyndhurst, Cleveland and it is her native hometown too. Hollie is an American by birth and her maiden name was Hollie Strano. She is a very responsible woman and she has been engrossed in the fields of broadcasting and journalism since she was a child. She had her schooling done from saint Clare grade school and was one of the top students in her class.

hollie strano
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Family and Marriage

Marital Status Married
Affair No
Husband Alex Giangreco
Children Jessica Toohig

Grady Toohig

Hollie has been married twice. She got married first with the school boyfriend Brian Toohig. Brian and Hollie used to study together in Notre Dame Latin and Walsh Jesuit. Jessica Toohig and Grady Toohig are the two kids with age 12 and 13 respectively. But, regrettably, Hollie and Brain divorced in the year 2011 due to some personal issues. Hollie once told that she loves what she does as a profession but her favorite job is of being a mother of two lovely kids.

After 2 years mother of two kids fell in love again and she decided to marry her love, Alex. She has got engaged with Alex Giangreco who is from Florida. They finally got married in the year 2014 and she changed her surname and took her husband’s surname Giangreco. Hollie got married to Alex at a beach where a properly planned reception took place and only a few close family members were there. That day of marraige, she was wearing a very beautiful white gown which was appreciated by most.

On her first reception, only few members were invited and one more reception was organized by her for more than 200 members where WKYC members were also invited. Moreover, this was also a grand reception and the couple seemed very happy. But, on 15th July 2017, Hollie tweeted on her twitter account shocking news of divorce with Alex and it seems a happy married life is not written in her life. Today, Hollie is a happy independent single woman who spends some quality time with her kids. According to her, the job of being a mother of two is a hundredfold more fulfilling than her professional career.

While salary discussion is speculative, it’s no wonder that successful and highly qualified meteorologists like Hollie do command respect for their abilities to deliver, as well as the audience rapport that they are able to build up. Her salary, while not mentioned here, probably is a just reflection of her experience, contribution to WKYC, and her status in the industry. But beyond any number, the honor that Hollie earns lies in the trust and love that her audience gives her, the compensation that simply cannot be compared with any pay day.

hollie strano
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Hollie Strano Height/Weight

Height (Approximate) in centimeters – 167.6 cms in meters – 1.676 meters in feet – 5’6”
Weight (Approximate) in pounds – 119.05 lbs in kilograms – 54 kg
Figure Measurements (Approximate) Bust Size – 34 inches  Waist Size – 28 inches Hips Size -37 inches
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Blonde

Community Impact

Hollie Strano’s community impact goes beyond the morning news. She’s a force of positivity in the Cleveland area, involved in charitable activities and local events. It was not her legacy in supplying accurate weather forecasts, but in painting smiles to faces every morning, that would make the biggest statement that sometimes the weatherman is the sun on a cloudy day.


School Saint Clare Grade school
College/University Notre Dame Cathedral high school
Education Qualification Applied science from John Carroll University

But Hollie’s tenure at WKYC wasn’t about giving weather forecasts; it was about making herself a part of the community’s morning routine. Her infectious cheerfulness and genuine care for the audience turned her into a household name. But what does it take to become a favorite meteorologist in a city known for its fickle weather? Let’s dive in.

Hollie’s love for Journalism traced back to her child years. She was in Saint Clare Grade school in Cleveland. She completed her high school from Notre Dame Cathedral school. Her first spouse Brain Toohig was also in the same school where they fall in love with each other. She completed her graduation in meteorology from John Carroll University. She later joined Missippi University where she finally graduated in Applied science and agriculture. She obtained her National Weather Association Seal and she was certified as an on-air reporter. This seal of approval states that the competent aspirant is deserved in the context of rudimentary on-air meteorology demonstrations.

A magazine in the year 2005 christened her as one of the Most Interesting Personalities of Cleveland owing to her skills and fetched outstanding performances. She is paid around 60k dollars a month as the salary due to excellent skills and knowledge in the field. She does weather forecast on the show Channel 3 News Today which runs from 4 a.m. to 7 a.m. Hollie Strano loves the Cleveland Cavaliers basketball team to death.

Engaging the Viewers: It is not only informative to the public, as Strano inserts personal stories and engages with her viewers, giving panache to the way meteorology is grasped, but also done in an entertaining and fun way.

Community Involvement: Her involvement is not just felt on television, but in quite a number of community events, making her the face that is recognized in most places in Cleveland.

Hollie Strano
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Hollie Strano Net Worth

When discussing the financial aspects of public figures like Hollie Strano, it’s fascinating to see how their careers in traditional media are complemented by engagements on digital platforms. With an estimated net worth of around $2 million, Hollie’s financial portfolio showcases the multifaceted nature of earnings for modern media personalities.

Net Worth $2 Million
Income Source Journalism

Social Media Presence

Hollie Strano is has decent amount of following on her social media platforms. Her Instagram username is @holliestrano which has 40k followers and her X (formerly Twitter) account is @holliesmiles which has around 30k followers.

Instagram Followers 39.3k followers
X (Twitter) Followers 30.8k followers
YouTube N/A

Unknown Facts & trivia

  • Hollie is a fitness freak and a gym-goer who loves to go to the gym every day to work out and burn some calories to maintain fitness.
  • She shared a lot of similarities with Alex in terms of cooking, beaches, and trying out different kinds of things.
  • She is a huge fan of basketball team Cleveland Cavaliers and she keeps herself updated with the game.

Wrapping It Up

In the world of news and weather forecasting, Hollie Strano stands out not just for her meteorological acumen but for her ability to connect with people. Her journey through marriage, divorce, and personal growth parallels the unpredictability of the weather she forecasts, yet she navigates it all with unwavering optimism. As Hollie Giangreco, she continues to be a beacon of light for many, proving that change, much like the weather, brings opportunities for renewal and growth.

In wrapping up, remember, Hollie Strano’s story is more than just about age, marriage and divorce, or her role at WKYC. It’s a narrative of resilience, connection, and the enduring bond between a city and one of its most cherished figures. So, the next time you catch Hollie on the air, know that you’re witnessing not just a weather forecast but a chapter in the ongoing story of a beloved Cleveland icon.

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