Laura Jarrett (William & Valerie Jarrett Daughter), CNN, Age, Husband

Laura Jarrett is an American Political reporter for CNN mostly based in the Washington D.C. This 36-year-old lady is practicing litigation attorney and is best known for being the daughter of Valerie Jarrett and William Jarrett. Laura ‘s father William is American gynecology and obstetrics doctor. Whereas Laura’s mother Valerie Jarrett is an American former government officer and also a businesswoman. Valerie Jarrett was the senior legal advisor of President Barrack Obama and also an assistant for public engagement and intergovernmental affairs from the year 2009 until 2011. If you want to know some juicy information about Laura Jarett and William Jarrett then stay tuned till the end!

Early Life & Wiki

Laura Jarrett was born in the year 1983 in Chicago, Illinois in a business-class family. William Jarrett and Valerie Jarrett are her parents who raised up her with a lot of love. Laura’s parents were well-educated and they always encouraged Laura to study hard and follow their footsteps. Both William and Valerie once said in an interview that they always try to make their daughter proud by doing several powerful works in their respective fields. Valerie June Jarrett was born in Shiraz located in Iran on 14th November 1956. Valerie is an American businesswoman and also she was a former government officer. In her successful career, Laura also served as legal advisor for Barack Obama and also an assistant for the president for 5 consecutive years (2009-11).

Laura Jarrett

Valerie Jarrett though was born in Iran, she later shifted to Chicago at a very early age. She is known for being a successful businesswoman and for having an outstanding career in politics. William Jarrett the father of Laura Jarrett was born on October 4th, 1953 in Chicago, USA. William Robert Jarrett was the son of popular journalist Vernon Jarrett, who was a Chicago based sun-times reporter. He was an obstetrics and gynecology doctor by profession. But, unfortunately, William Jarrett died in the year 1993 when he was fort years old. Laura lost her father when she was just 10 and she was brought up by her mother Valerie.

Laura Jarrett CNN

This 33 years old journalist surprisingly also holds a degree in Law which she completed from Harvard Law School.  Laura belongs from the Afro-American race and her wedding in Kenwood, Chicago in the year 2012 is still remembered as one of the most luxurious weddings. Currently residing in Washington D.C Laura Jarrett married a famous Canadian politician Tony Balkissoon. Along with this her father-in-law Bas Balkissoon is an Ontario based popular politician. General Eric Holder and Ex-US President Barrack Obama attended their wedding!

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Education and Career

Laura Jarrett served as a judicial law clerk for Rebecca Pallmeyer before she worked for the state and federal bar in Chicago. Later she was also a judicial law clerkHonourable Ann Williams. During her college days, while studying law, she liked to work on litigation cases for individuals as well as companies linked to government investigations. However, she also used to practice pro-bono cases whenever she had any free time. Once, Laura Jarrett also handled a sex-trafficking case. Along with this she also works as an attorney in private sectors but now she has become very choosy about her cases. From September of the year 2016, Laura Jarrett started working as a political reporter at CNN, which is primarily based in Washington D.C. Now, she is seen quite frequently on the Television screen at CNN.


Laura Jarrett

Unknown Trivia: Laura Jarrett

  • Along with being a political reporter and law student, Laura is also a very keen reader. Her best pass time is reading books of several genres. Once during an interview, she said that In the Cold Blood, History of Sexuality, Pretty One Day are some of her favorite books.
  • Laura has traveled all over the globe and also the whole United States but she finds her native place Chicago the most comfortable especially in the summer days.
  • During her college days, Laura Jarett has served as the technical editor in one of the best law school, Harvard Law School.
  • Laura began her Law career initially being the clerk of Hon. Rebecca Pallmeyer in Illinois.
  • Later on, she has also worked for Ann Williams on the 7th circuit court of appeal.
  • Currently, Laura Jarett is working as a political news reporter for the channel CNN, based in Washington D.C.

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