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South Korean rapper, composer, and record producer Min Yoongi, better known by his stage name Suga. As of the year 2022, Min Yoongi has a net worth of thirty million dollars. Since the release of his debut solo mixtape, also titled Agust D, in the year 2016, he is also known by his alias, Agust D, which has gained a lot of popularity.

Min Yoongi

In addition to that, he is famous for a number of other successful singles, such as “Give It To Me,” “So Far Away,” “Moonlight,” “What Do You Think,” “Dear My Friend,” and others. The majority of his songs reached number one on the charts, and he is the recipient of other popular accolades as well as nominations.

Min Yoongi Wiki

As of the year 2022, Min Yoongi will have reached the age of 29 years, having been born on the 9th of March 1993. He was born and raised in the Taejeon 1(il)-dong neighbourhood of Daegu, South Korea, in a family that belonged to the upper middle class. He is a dual citizen of the Republic of Korea and South Korea. Taejeon Elementary School was where he finished his primary and secondary education. He also went to Gwaneum Middle School and Apgujeong High School during his educational career.

After that, he went on to earn a Master of Science degree in Advertising and Media from Hanyang Cyber University, where he had previously studied. After hearing Ragga Muffin by Stony Skunk, he became interested in rapping and ultimately made the decision to pursue a career in the same sector as his musical inspiration. He was just 13 years old when he first began working for his dream, at which time he also worked at a recording studio.

Family & Girlfriend

Mr. Yoongi is a well-known businessman in South Korea, and Mrs. Yoongi is the name of Min Yoongi’s mother. Mrs. Yoongi works as a housewife. Min Yoongi is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Yoongi. In addition, he has a single brother. His elder brother’s name is Min Geum-jae.

The relationship status of Min Yoongi is single at this time. At the moment, he does not appear to be involved in any romantic relationships, and there is no information available regarding any of his previous partnerships.

Physical Looks

Min Yoongi is an attractive, intelligent, and dashing young man who has a persona that is both charming and dashing. He has an impressive physique with appealing body proportions and a rhomboid muscular body type. His body measures are spot on.

He has a height of 5 feet and 9 inches, and his body weight is approximately 59 kg. He has hair that is cut short and has a trendy black colour, and he has eyes that are a stunningly gorgeous and hypnotic black colour.


In the beginning of his career, Min Yoongi was active in the music industry as a singer, composer, and rapper. In the beginning, he began his career in the music industry by working at a recording studio. He also started composing music, writing lyrics, rapping, and performing. He was known as an underground rapper prior to the first breakthrough that he experienced in his career. After that, he became a member of the hip hop crew known as D-Town and in the year 2010 he produced a song titled “518-062.”

Min Yoongi

Also, Min Yoongi received training from Big Hit Entertainment, made his debut as a member of BTS, and made his debut performance on the tune “No More Dream” from the album “2 Cool for Skool.” He is responsible for producing and writing the lyrics for multiple tracks throughout all of BTS’s albums.

Additionally, he has released a solo intro for the Korean language extended play (EP) titled “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life.” the title of this intro is also “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life.” After that, a longer version of the same extended play was published in the year 2015, and it was accompanied by a solo introduction and an animated video named Never Mind.

A compilation album titled The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Young Forever was released in the year 2016, and after that, he did not release any new tracks for BTS until the year 2020, when he released an album titled Map of the Soul and a single titled Interlude Shadow. In addition to releasing intros for BTS, he has also recorded two solo tracks, titled First Love and Trivia Seesaw, both of which can be found on the albums Wings and Love Yourself Answer, respectively.

In the year 2016, Min Yoongi came out with a mixtape under his own name and made it available for free download on SoundCloud. In the year after that, he wrote a song called Wine for the well-known artist Suran, and in the year 2018, he re-released his mixtape so that it can be bought digitally and streamed online.

In the year 2019, he has contributed a rap feature to the viral track “Song Request” by Lee So-ra and produced a record titled “Sleepless” for the extended play titled “Eternal Sunshine.” Both of these releases can be found on Spotify. In addition, he produced and co-wrote the song “We Don’t Talk Together,” which was released as a digital single, and he was featured in the song “Soga’s Interlude,” which was included on the album “manic” by the popular singer and songwriter Halsey.

Eight is the name of a digital single that he has helped co-produce and on which he appears. The year is 2020. After that, he came out with his second mixtape, which was called D-2, along with a music video and a track called Daechwita.

Min Yoongi

In addition to his employment in the business world, he volunteers his time at a number of different orphanages and is a philanthropist. In addition to that, he is involved with a great number of other charity and non-profit organisations.

Min Yoongi Net Worth

As of the year 2022, Min Yoongi has a net worth of thirty million dollars. The majority of his income comes from the various singing, composing, and songwriting projects he’s worked on. In addition to that, he has a number of other businesses that bring in revenue.

Trivia & Unknown Facts

  • Before he joined Bangtan Boys, he was an active participant in the underground rap scene.
  • Additionally, he appeared as a dancer in the music video for “I’m the One” by singer Jo Kwon before joining the group.
  • 2017 marked the year that he and BTS made history by being the first K-pop group to win a Billboard award.
  • He is responsible for the composition of a number of the Bangtan Boys’ hit songs, including “Jump,” “Tomorrow,” and “Like.”
  • Both he and his older brother received their early education in the city of Daegu, which is located in South Korea.
  • Both he and Jungkook rose to fame as a result of their time spent performing with Bangtan Boys.
  • According to the various reports, in the year 2013, Min Yoongi was diagnosed with appendicitis and required surgery to treat the condition.
  • In addition, he sustained an injury to his ear in the year 2016, and two years later, in the year 2020, he had another operation to repair a torn labrum.
  • Throughout his career, the singles, mixtapes, extended plays, and albums created by Min Yooni have broken multiple records and reached number one on the charts on multiple occasions.
  • In addition, he has been honoured with a number of prestigious accolades, including the Melon Music Awards in the year 2017, as well as the Mnet Asian Music Awards in the years 2019 and 2020.

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