Tomi Lahren Plastic Surgery- Everything you need to know!

Tomi  Lahren is a well-known former American host and also a political commentator. Tomi Lahren came to news headlines because of her facial plastic surgery. She is looking completely different and it is very hard to recognize her for the fans worldwide. 

In February in the year 2019, Tomi Lahren mocked about 21 Savage deportations but she never thought that it would go against her. 21 Savage is an American rapper, songwriter, and producer who was born in London, United Kingdom.

The ICE accused 21 Savage to be an illegal resident of the United States of America since the year 2006. Tomi Lahren taking advantage of this situation also accused 21 Savage which pissed all the 21 Savage fans from all over the globe. On her social media profile, Tomi shared her thoughts about the arrest and also shared a link on Twitter changing the lyrics of the famous song of 21 Savage named Bank Account.

Tomi Lahren tweet about 21 savage

She gave her flavor to the song and wrote: “I got one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight ICE agents ready to deport ya”. All the followers and die heart fans of 21 Savage were seriously offended by her comment. Many people were raged and said Tomi Lahren did a bad thing accusing the rapper (21 Savage) and it was completely unfair. Not only Tomi tweeted her version of lyrics on Twitter but she also made a lip-sync video of it and posted it on her Instagram.

When Tomi was questioned and criticized for her comment she replied by saying I can be a fan of 21 Savage but also support ICE’s decision. But, because of her misbehavior, she didn’t have an idea of what she was going to face in the future. The consequences of accusing 21 Savage were huge and many people attacked her.

Tomi Lahren plastic surgery

Even big names such as Cardi B and The game accused her and shared hate about Tomi Lahren on their social media accounts. These people are big social media influencers having millions of fans and Tomi had no clue of the storm she was going to face. Cardi B even tweeted that ‘Don’t make me get my leash’ and threatened to Dog walk Tomi Lahren!

If you want to know some unknown facts and inside information about Tomi Lahren’s surgery then stay tuned till the end.


Plastic Surgery of Tomi Lahren 

Everyone knows the real story behind this. There is no need to repeat again and again. The images are viral on the social media sites and it can be also seen on Reddit and several other channels for sure. Tomi Lahren has received several criticisms from many well-known celebrities and they are not satisfied with the answers given by Tomi.  She has full support from her boyfriend Kevin Martin. 

Tomi Lahren plastic surgery

Many people have pointed out Tomi Lahren’s new looks and found out she had plastic surgery at some point for sure. It can be proved by seeing her videos and photos from her college times. Dr. Gregory Buford is a top plastic surgeon who has stated that Tomi Lahren’s eyes look more open and clear and there is no jelly roll to her lower lids anymore. He also stated that she had worked on her jaw, chin, and lips. 

There is no doubt while saying that Tomi Lahren used to look completely different before her turn in the Fox News. As per the plastic surgeons, there are several changes found on her face which appear to be the results of the cosmetic procedure. The doctor stated that her eyes are wide open with less hooding in the latest photos and she has done a surgical brow lift or Botox has been injected into brows. 

Tomi Lahren fox news

Tomi Lahren trolled by The Game

Due to her plastic surgery, she has been involved in several controversies in her career. Her latest controversy is with the American Rapper “The Game”. The Game got the success and fame by launching his debut album. The rapper is claiming now that Tomi Lahren had removed two of his post from the Instagram account after he started sharing photos of her “Before plastic surgery”.

The rapper has stated on his recent post about Tomi and made fun of Tomi Lahren and her latest face surgery. This is because Tomi Lahren had accused the friend of The Game 21 Savage who is also a popular American rapper. The ICE accused 21 Savage to be an illegal resident of the United States since the year 2006.

Tomi Lahren taking advantage of this situation also accused 21 Savage twisting the lyrics of his popular song Bank Account. This misbehavior of Tomi pissed a lot of 21 Savage fans in the entire world and a wave of hate against Tomi arose on the internet.

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The rapper has even accused Tomi Lahren and called her racists. He drags Tomi all across the social media sites by using her pre-plastic surgery photo. The game accused Tomi Lahren many times on the internet using her photos uploaded before surgery.

Whatever you are thinking about Tomi Lahren, it has been proved that she is the victim of sexist attacks. Several fair criticisms can be made about the famous host and commentator. Curiously, many people are obsessed with mocking her looks. But still, Tomi Lahren is trying to avoid all those racist attacks on her by fans and celebrities. It will be surely very hard to recognize for the fans if they are going through past and new photos of Tomi Lahren. 

Tomi Lahren hot

In a recent interview, she urged people to not believe in the rumors being spread by the Rapper” The Game” and various other people. In her social media accounts, it can be seen that she is continuously receiving a lot of questions from her fans regarding her past and present looks. She decided not to reply to all those useless questions and currently staying away from posting anything about her surgery. 

Tomi Lahren

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Wrapping it up

After all, Tomi Lahren is living a happy life without getting worried about those racist attacks on her. Internet is trolling Tomi Lahren for her looks and it is all happening just because of the plastic surgery. 

If you want to check out the original photos of Tomi Lahren before plastic surgery, then you can take the help of social media sites. Her photos are trolling everywhere and people are eager to know what happened actually and why did she prefer going for the plastic surgery at first.

Please be specific while making comments on Tomi Lahren before surgery. We cannot decide whether plastic surgery is real or not for now. It will better to respect her rather than commenting. 

Tomi Lahren is quite active on the social media sites and fans can follow her for all the latest updates and controversies right now! Tomi Lahren did get a lot of attention and limelight for her facial surgery as well as for accusing American Rapper 21 Savage. She received a lot of fame and name and on Instagram itself, Tomi has more than 1.7 million followers!


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