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There is a lot of speculations and doubt about on the topic Vin Diesel Twin. Does Vin Diesel really have a twin brother? Or are all these just rumors? Don’t worry we will clear all your doubts and queries about Vin Diesel’s twin brother and will see if he really exists.

Yes! Vin Diesel does have a twin brother named Paul Vincent. By profession, Paul Vincent is also an actor but not as popular as his twin brother Vin. These are rumors and speculations are indeed true and the mother of Paul and Vin did give them birth on the same day same time.

Many people often consider this as rumor and think that the Paul they are referring to is Paul Walker. People have a misconception that Vin Diesel and Paul Walker used to consider them as brothers. But, the real fact is that Vin Diesel does have a twin named Paul Vincent.

Everybody knows about the on-screen and off-screen life of Vin Diesel but a few know about his twin Paul. In this article, we will discuss some inside information and unknown facts about the mysterious man Paul Vincent. If you did find this article interesting and helpful then share it with your friends and family to surprise them!


Paul Vincent Age

Paul Vincent was born on 18th July in the year 1967 in Alameda County located in California, United States of America. Obviously his two twin brother Vin Diesel was also born on the same day. The mother of this twin is Delora Vincent who was very lucky to have twin sons like Vin and Paul.

Irving Vincent is the father of Paul Vincent and Vin Diesel. But, Irving Vincent was not his biological father and he has never met or seen this real father. However, Paul considers his step-father as his father, and he adopted his surname. The mother of Paul Vincent Delora was astrologer by profession.

Vin, as well as Paul, was raised and brought up in California along with their mother, step-father, half-sister, and half-brother. Tim Vincent is the name of the half-brother of Paul and Samantha Vincent is his half-sister. Paul Vincent lives a life completely different from his twin brother Vin Diesel.

Vin Diesel twin

Vin has achieved a lot of fame and name in the Hollywood industry and he lives a lavish lifestyle amongst the top celebrities. Whereas Paul lives out of the attention and limelight of the public living his life privately. Paul Vincent is also an actor as well as a director but not many people known about him.

However, recently he has received attention as people have started knowing him more as the twin brother of Vin Diesel. In fact, he has got more fame for being the twin of Vin rather than being a skilled and talented film producer.

Vin Diesel: Brother of Paul Vincent

Vin Diesel is a big name in the acting industry and he is one of the finest actors in Hollywood. He has been a part of various hit movies such as Find Me Guilty, The Last Witch Hunter, A Man Apart, The Pacifier, and the list continues. However, Vin Diesel is famous for playing Dominic Toretto in the legendary movie series Fast & Furious.

Vin has also got a lot of appreciation for his work in the XXX series were he portrayed the character of Xander Cage. He did his international debut in a film named ‘Strays’ and his character of gang leader got pretty famous. Before making his debut Vin Diesel had worked in various plays and short films such as ‘Multifacial’.

He is currently shooting for movies like F9, Bloodshot, and Fast & Furious 10 which are going to be released in the near future. Vin also was praised for his voice role for the popular character of Groot. His voice was heard in many popular films of Marvel Studios such as Avengers: Infinity War and Guardians of Galaxy franchise.

Brother of Vin Diesel

In his long career of more than two decades, Vin Diesel not only has achieved huge fame but also a considerable amount of fortune. Vin Diesel’s net worth is estimated to be around $160 million and will increase if gives more hit films in the future. Vin is living a luxurious and lavish lifestyle along with his family in his house located in Hollywood Hills.

Paloma Jimenez is the gorgeous wife of Vin Diesel who is a model from Mexico. This couple is together for a long time and has three children. They have two daughters named Hania and Pauline whereas Vincent is the name of their son. We have talked about the love life of Vin now let’s peek into the life of his twin Paul Vincent.

Paul Vincent Wife

Paul Vincent keeps a low profile and likes to live his life in a simple way, unlike his twin brother. He is always out of attention and limelight and he likes to live like that. He is an introverted man and doesn’t like to share his private life in front of the public and fans.

Paul Vincent is married but not much is known about his wife. He doesn’t have children right now but in the future, he might have one. Exact information is now available about the love life of Paul Vincent but we will update data as soon as we receive it from our trusted sources. By profession, Paul is a film producer and he has accumulated a decent fortune in his career. Let’s look at his net worth and income status.

Paul Vincent Paul Walker

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Net Worth of Paul Vincent

Very less information is available about his career and net worth but it is known that his net worth is around $400,000. However, this is just rough estimates and the exact net worth of Paul is still under review. $400,000 is a decent amount of net worth and he lives a comfortable life along with his wife.

Paul Vincent

The net worth of his twin brother Vin Diesel is huge in comparison to Paul. Vin has around $160 million which is a lot more than his twin brother. Vin lives with his family in Hollywood hills and enjoys a lavish lifestyle. Paul in comparison lives a less attractive lifestyle but he also has a decent lifestyle.

Social Media Presence

Paul Vincent is a shy person and tries to be as much away as possible from the buzz and the spotlight. He doesn’t like much attention and limelight and is away from all the social media platforms. Vin also has stated a number of times that his twin Paul doesn’t like too much media attention.

Paul doesn’t have any accounts of popular social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. It also doesn’t look like that he will create any profiles on social media platforms soon but if he does so we will update you with the same. On the other hand, Vin Diesel is a popular artist and celebrity who needs to have social media accounts to provide live updates related to his work and private life.

Vin Diesel has a huge amount of fan following on all the social media sites like Instagram and Twitter. On Twitter, Vin has over 300k followers whereas on Instagram he has whooping 65 million followers. You can find some pictures of Paul Vincent on the accounts of Vin Diesel and mostly they have pictures clicked together.

Unknown facts & Trivia

  • Vin Diesel does have a real twin brother named Paul Vincent. They were born on 18 July 1967 in Alameda County located in California.
  • The mother of this twin brother is Delora Vincent! The identity of their father is unknown and they were raised and brought up by their step-father named Irving Vincent.
  • Paul Vincent’s nationality is American and his ethnicity is mixed. Irish, Geman, Italian, Mexican, and Dominican all mixed is the background and roots of Paul Vincent.
  • Not much is known about the early life, education, and career of Paul Vincent. He was a film producer by profession but his work was not that popular. He likes to live under the radar, unlike his twin Vin Diesel.
  • The net worth of Paul is $400,000 which is relatively very small in comparison to the huge $160 million of his twin Vin Diesel. Vin has achieved a lot of success and fame in his life. However, his brother finds happiness living simply without much media attention.
  • Paul Vincent is currently married to a woman but the information of his wife is still under review. As of now, he has no children but in the future, he can one.
  • Paul doesn’t like to be active on social media platforms and he likes to be away from the media and fans. Everybody is different and they have different thinking. He finds happiness living away from attention and limelight and it is alright!


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