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Vanessa Vadim is a French film director and also an ecological advice columnist for a popular website named “Mother Nature Network”. However, Vanessa Vadim is best known for being the daughter of the legendary actress in Hollywood, Jane Fonda. Also, Jane is also a very reputed writer, political strategist, and also a former fashion model. Jane Fonda has also won an Academy Award and BAFTA Award twice in her professional acting career. Not only this, but Fonda is also a four-time Golden Globe Award winner. If you want some juicy information about Vanessa Vadim Wikipedia, Wedding, Husband, Net worth, Age, Bio then stay tuned till the end!

Early Life: Vanessa Vadim

Vanessa who is born on 28 September 1986 in Paris France. She is a French film director born in in the dream city of Paris. Jane Fonda and Roger Vadim are parents of Vanessa. Her mother Jane Fonda is a very popular Hollywood actress where her dad Roger Vadim was a very talented French director just like her. Jane Fonda is a legend in the film industry and two times winner of the Academy Awards and BAFTA awards. She has also got a lifetime achievement award from the American film institute. 

Vanessa Vadim

Troy Garity is the half brother of Vanessa Vadim. She also has two cousins named Justin and Bridget Fonda. Vania Plemiannikov, Nathalie & Christian Vadim is parental sisters of Vanessa Vadim. She married Paul Waggoner in the year 2010 on 12th of July, and they still have a healthy relationship. Vanessa has two children, one is a son Malcolm who is currently 20 years old and also a daughter named Viva who is 2 years younger than her brother. She completed her schooling from Paris itself and then joined Brown University in Providence, located in Rhode Island. Vanessa Vadim is very down to earth women in spite of the fact that our maternal family is very famous.

The career of Vanessa Vadim

Vanessa Vadim sometimes likes to work in documentary filmmaking. By the year 2019, she has successfully worked in 2 documentaries. Blue is Beautiful was her first documentary in the year 1997 where she worked as a crew member. Later on in the year 2002, she produced another documentary called “The Quilts of Here’s Bend” in which she was the Director, Producer, Cinematographer, as well as the film editor. She is very fond of writing and occasionally she also adds content on the website TheDailyBeast as the eco-advice columnist. Mostly she writes inspiration and impactful content as well as her experience being the daughter of a legendary mother. The Net worth of Vanessa is exactly not known but due to her fantastic work in the film industry, she is estimated to have a net worth of millions of dollars. 

Vanessa Vadim

Vanessa Vadim’s mother Jane Fonda is a legendary actor and also an Oscar winner with a lot of reputation and respect in the Hollywood Film Industry. Jane Fonda married Roger Vadim in the year 1965 and Vanessa was born three years later in the year 1968. Fonda also tried her hands in the film direction following her husband in the year 1973. In a personal interview, Jane Fonda says that she is not a good mother and she needs to be taught on how to become a good parent. However, Fonda always supported her daughter during her marriage and she always wanted the best for her daughter.

Currently, Vanessa Vadim is 50 years old as of the year 2019 and 5 feet 10 inches tall. Her Zodiac sign (sun sign) is Libra and she married Paul Waggoner in the year 2010 on 12th of July. Vadim is the mother of two children, Malcolm, and the younger Viva.

Documentaries and Television shows

  • The Quilts of Gee’s Bend (2002)
  • Production assistant in the small documentary
  • Blue Is Beautiful (1995)
  • Vivement Dimanche (2005)
  • Vivement Dimanche Prochain (2005)
  • The Last Party (1992)
  • The 9 Annual Vira Awards (1989)
  • The 52 Annual Academy Awards (1980)
  • The 59 Annual Academy Awards (1987)
  • The 50 Annual Academy Awards (1978)

Vanessa Vadim is an excellent film producer and she has mastered the art of filmmaking, which won her so many titles. Vadim has for sure grabbed the attention of many people by her outstanding work and people are very excited to watch her docu-series.

Vanessa Vadim

Unknown Trivia and facts

  • Vanessa Vadim is very close to Nathalie Vadim who is her half-sister.
  • In 1989, in New York, Vanessa Vadim has been arrested when she was just 21. Many charges were implemented on Vadim for purchasing and using drugs. A man was caught with Vanessa Vadim who was found carrying two glassines envelops of Heroin.
  • Rory Kennedy who is a popular Hollywood Film producer and director is also a very close friend of Vadim. Vanessa and Rory became friends when they were studying together at Brown University. Rory Kennedy is most famous for being the daughter of Robert and Ethel Kennedy.
  • Surprisingly once she shared that she loves glass dildos and she is a great fan of Dildos as well as cucumbers and she belives orgasm is the healthiest thing to do!
  • Vanessa doesn’t like stardom and she likes to be away from the spotlight unlike her mother Jane Fonda.
  • Her favorite actor is Ryan Gosling whereas Jennifer Lawrence is her favorite actress.
  • Vanessa’s dream holiday destination is Miami and she loves pink color the most.
  • Italian food is her choice in every restaurant and she likes to travel a lot.
  • Vanessa Vadim’s net worth is estimated to be around $6 millions whereas her salary is $600k per episode!

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