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These days social media platforms are a great source to gain a lot of fame and name. Social media platforms like Tiktok, Instagram, as well as Youtube have great potential and if used properly can completely change your life.

There are numerous examples of people who have gained a lot of attention as well as fortune using these social media platforms. YouTube is one such platform which has completely changed the life of many people.

One such person who has come into limelight due to Youtube is Erik Hoffstad. A youtuber shares videos related to science, lifestyle, gaming, beauty, entertainment, and every single thing which exists.

Not only these Youtubers get a lot of fame but also a considerable amount of money from their channels. They get paid by advertising as well as by brand sponsorships. Hence, many people also use Youtube as a full-time income and as a career.

Erik Hoffstad

Some of the popular Youtuber out there are HolaSoyGerman, elrubiusOMG, VanossGaming, JennaMarbles, and PewDiePie but we are not going to talk about them. In this article, we are going to discuss another such youtube named Erik Hoffstad.

You are surely aware of the Youtube life of Erik Hoffstad but very few people know about his private life. Stay tuned till the end to know some unknown facts and inside information about Erik Hoffstad.

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Erik Hoffstad Wikipedia

Many popular YouTubers, singers, and actors have their information available on platforms such as Wikipedia. But, Erik Hoffstad is not that popular and relatively is a lesser-known youtuber. But, we have tried to find as much information as we could about his private life.

Erik Hoffstad was born on 24 February in the year 1985 in California located in the United States of America. He was born and brought up in California itself along with his family and siblings. Not much information is known about his parents as well as siblings and we will update about them as soon as we receive any kind of data from our trusted sources.

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As of the year 2020, Erik is 35 years old. His nationality is American whereas his zodiac sign is Pisces. Erik was decent in studies and he completed his schooling from a local school in California. Since a very tender age, Erik Hoffstad was amazed by the fame and glamour of the entertainment industry and wanted to do something in this field.

Erik Hoffstad Youtube

Erik Hoffstad is a very popular youtuber and social media sensation who has fans all around the globe. He is one of the oldest Youtuber out there and he started uploading content on Youtube since it launched. Erik first started a channel named ‘letsGOtoCLASS’ along with his beloved friend Chris Lader.

This Youtube channel was a breakthrough for Erik Hoffstad and his videos went viral. He started this channel on 25 June in the year 2007. He got a lot of fame and people started recognizing Erik Hoffstad due to his hard work and excellent content.

Erik Hoffstad youtube

Later on 24 October in the year 2014, he started his second channel named Internet Comment Etiquette with Erik. When Erik Hoffstad created this channel he was already known to many people which helped his channel flourish. Slowly he started gaining subscribers and views on his videos and even some went viral.

As of now the Youtube channel Internet Comment Etiquette with Erik has more than 950k subscribers and it is a verified youtube channel. His videos usually get more than 300k views which is a good amount of viewership. Over the years due to his hard work and exceptional content Erik Hoffstad now has become a social media sensation.

Erik also worked for FX as a content provider which has gained him a lot of experience as well as money. Not only he has grabbed the attention of people from all around the world but he also accumulated a decent amount of fortune. Let’s now discuss more the financial side that is Erik Hoffstad’s net worth!

Erik Hoffstad

Net Worth of Erik Hoffstad

The exact net worth of Erik Hoffstad is not known but his net worth is around 500k-2 million dollars. However, these are just estimates and the exact net worth is still under review. I will discuss with you what are the primary sources which contribute to this huge net worth.

A Youtubers source of income is basically from advertisements, sponsorships, and affiliate commissions. Google has its now advertising network named Adsense which shows advertisements of different companies that gives money to the video creator. Ads are a major source of income for a Youtuber.

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Brand promotions and sponsorships also contribute a lot of the income of any Youtuber. How much you get paid solely depends on the market value and audience of your channel. Brands pay a very less amount if you have fewer views but they pay heavily (thousands of dollars) if you are famous having a larger audience.

Affiliate commissions are those commission that the creator receives when people buy products (goods, ebook, subscriptions) from the link of the creator. There are many other sources of income such as by selling your merchandise and through donations.

Unknown facts & Trivia

  • Erik Hoffstad was born on 24 February 1985 and as of now, he is just 35 years old. He was born and raised in California located in the United States of America.
  • By profession, Erik is a Youtuber and has two channels named Internet Comment Etiquette with Erik and letsGOtoCLASS. Both of these channels are very popular with one channel close to 1 million subscribers and the other to 1 lakh.
  • Not much information about Erik Hoffstad’s girlfriend is known. He likes to keep his life private away from the public.
  • Erik has also worked as a content provider for FX.
  • Youtube has been very lucky for Erik and he has gained a lot of fame and name from it. He also has gained a considerable amount of money from both of his Youtube channels.
  • The net worth of Erik Hoffstad is estimated to be around $500k to $2 million. The exact net worth is not known and will be updated soon.
  • Not only he is active on Youtube but also on other social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. He has got a decent amount of following on Twitter with over 200k followers.


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