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Farrah Aldjufrie is 30 years old beautiful lady who has a lot of name and fame in the real estate industry. No doubt Farrah Aldjufrie is a successful woman with a very prosperous career but she is best known for being the daughter of American Hollywood celebrity, Kyle Richards. Farrah is of mixed-ethnicity, from her maternal side she has Irish as well as English ethnicity whereas from her father’s side she has Indonesian Heritage. If you are interested to know some juicy inside information about this stunning as well as successful lady then stay tuned till the end!

Personal Life & wiki

Farrah Aldjufrie was born on 31st October in the year 1988 in Beverly Hills, USA. Kyle Richards is her mother whereas Guraish Aldjufrie is the father of Farrah. But, their relationship didn’t work out and Guraish and Kyle got separated from each other in the year 1990. However, at the time of the birth of Farah both of them were together, raising their child. Eventually, after getting separated Guraish Aldjufrie went back to Indonesia and Farah stayed with her mother in the USA. Two years later after getting separated Guraish and Kyle officially divorced.

Farrah Aldjufrie

Later in 1996, her mother Kyle Richards married Mauricio Umansky who is a real estate mogul. Farah Aldjufrie has 3 sisters from Kyle’s second marriage, Alexia Aldjufrie, Sophia Aldjufrie, and Portia Aldjufrie. Farrah is the maternal niece of Kim Richards and Kathy Hilton from her mother’s side. Also, she is the maternal cousin of Nicky Hilton as well as Paris Hilton. Both Nicky and Paris Hilton are fashion designers and businesswoman with a very successful career just like Farrah Aldjufrie. Her stepfather Mauricio Umansky was a big player in the real estate industry and thus getting inspired by him, at a very early age she decided to make real estate as her profession.

Education & Career of Farrah Aldjufrie

Farrah completed her schooling from Beverly Hills itself which is located in the United States. After completing her schooling and high school with a first-class, she then decided to join the University of New York. Farrah Aldjufrie successfully did her degree of Psychology from New York University, which lasted for 2 years. Studying in New York City did give Farrah a lot of exposure and later she joined the University of Southern California. Finally, she graduated in Psychology with the minor in Business from Magna Cum Laude. As soon as she completed her degree she joined her step-father real estate business named Umansky Group. The Agency, which was the next project of Umansky Group was led by Farrah and she had the whole group of members under her. Before working as Director of Client Relations at The Agency, Farrah served the company as the assistant director of her father.

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Because of her outstanding skills in the field of real estate, she was titled with the award of ‘Outstanding Rookie of the Year’ in the year 2014. Later on in the year 2015, she also listed in The Wall Street Journal’s list, ‘Top 250 Realtors in the US’. Kyle Richards started a reality television series named The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills along with Farrah’s aunt Kim Richards in the month of October in 2014. Kyle and Kim Richards were the main cast members, but Farrah Aldjufrie used to join this show sometimes along with her sisters. Her career in the field of real estate is phenomenal and she has a big hand in sales of over $200 million.

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Farrah Aldjufrie age

Farah Aldjufrie was born on 31st October 1988 in Beverly Hills. As of the year 2019, Farah Aldjufire’s age is 31 years. And she would be celebrating her 32nd birthday in the month of October soon!

Farrah Aldjufrie images

Farrah is a stunning looking woman with blonde hair and decent height. Currently, she resides in Los Angeles but she was born and brought up in the Beverly Hills located in the United States itself. Farrah has three siblings from her mother Kyle Richards second marriage with real estate tycoon Umansky. Farrah looks are deadly and she gets this stunning mindblowing looks due to her ethnicity. She has English and Welsch ethnicity from her maternal side whereas she has Indonesian heritage from her father’s side. Farrah Aldjufrie got a lot of limelight when she appeared on screen in her mother’s show. Even some people suggested her to try her luck in the acting profession. But, Farrah doesn’t have any interest in acting and modeling as her business is growing exponentially.

Farrah’s father Guraish Aldjufrie

According to Kyle Richards, the father of Farah Aldjufrie is Indonesian having Arab and Dutch ethnicity. From Farah’s social media accounts, we got to know that Guraish Aldjufrie is currently residing in Bali. Farah is very close to her father and she visits her father occasionally. Also, Guraish Aldjufire visits Los Angeles to meet his daughter and primarily to do his business stuff. Farrah also has a stepfather named Mauricio Umansky. Farah works in her stepfather’s business of real estate and she has helped his company excel a lot.


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Some Trivia and Unkown facts

  • Farrah bought her own house and designed it herself when she accumulated a lot of wealth from her stepfather’s real estate business. Kyle Richards, the mother of Farrah was extremely happy and proud to see her daughter become so successful.
  • Farrah is an internet celebrity with over 40k followers on twitter and over 3 lakh followers on her Instagram account. She social media following grew rapidly when she appeared on the television screen in her mother’s tv show The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.
  • Aldjufrie is currently in a relationship with a guy named Michael Fogel. She is very serious as well as open about this relationship. She posts pictures of her boyfriend Michael quite regular on Instagram and on twitter.
  • In the year 2015, Farrah Aldjufire was named in The Wall Street Journal’s list, ‘Top 250 Realtors in the US’.
  • She has also won the ‘Outstanding Rookie of the Year’ Award in real estate field.
  • In September 2018, she purchased her new house which is quite stunning and I suggest to check it out on Youtube.

Farrah Aldjufrie

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