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Over the course of the past century or so, home flipping has emerged as one of the most lucrative careers available. There are a variety of programmes shown on various television networks that focus on the lives of individuals whose primary source of income comes from do-it-yourself projects and house renovations.

Fixer to Fabulous is a reality television programme that airs on HGTV. The show focuses on the lives of Dave and Jenny Marrs as they repair historic houses in Arkansas with the help of Chase Looney, an expert carpenter and construction manager.

The author has chosen to focus on Chase Looney’s father, Joe Looney, as the topic of this post despite the fact that Chase Looney himself is a fascinating individual to discuss. Find out Joe’s age, as well as details about his career and wife.

Joe Looney Wiki

There was a gap in the information on the Internet about Joe’s precise birthday. However, due to the fact that so many people who watch Fixer Upper actually care about Joe and want to learn more about him, it may not be too much longer until information on Joe’s birth is published on the internet.

Joe Looney

Having stated all of that, it is a well-established truth that Joe Looney was 64 years old as of the month of March in 2021. Because we did not have his birthdate information, we were unable to determine what his zodiac sign was.

Families and Education

Joe Looney, a skilled carpenter, began his life in Bentonville, Arkansas, where he was also raised. Joe was able to hone his skills in carpentry and furniture making while working in Bentonville.

Julie Looney, who holds a degree from Missouri State University, and Bob Looney, who holds a degree from the University of Arkansas, are both members of Joe’s family, and while information about Joe’s parents was not yet available as of March 2021, some of Joe’s family members do have college degrees.

Joe received his secondary education at the Bentonville High School. It was not clear if Joe continued his schooling after completing his high school requirements or not.

Social Presence

Even though Joe spends the most of his time in Arkansas working on carpentry projects and other improvements in people’s houses, he still manages to find the time to periodically make a post on his social media profile.

As of March 2021, the only place you could find him was on Facebook. Up until that point, there had been no indication whatsoever from Joe’s end as to whether or not he would ever sign up for Instagram and Twitter.

Physical Apperance

In terms of Joe’s physical characteristics, one of the most esteemed carpenters in Arkansas stood at a height of 5 feet 10 inches. Joe was also a very muscular man. In addition to this, Joe had a weight of 80 kg. Gray hair and brown eyes are two of the distinguishing characteristics of his appearance.

Fixer to Fabulous: Joe Looney

Joe Looney is a carpenter by trade and, when he’s not appearing on Fixer to Fabulous, he works on his own projects full time. Joe Looney Interior & Exterior Carpentry Co. is the name of the business that this Arkansas native operates in his hometown.

Baluster Installation, Barn Construction, Carpentry, Custom Railing Creation, Deck Construction, Deck Repair, Door Balancing, Door Replacement, Floor Joist Construction, Framing, Guardrail Construction, Railing Installation, Ramp Installation, Rough Carpentry, and Stair Framing are some of the other services that Joe’s company provides.

Given that the average hourly wage for a carpenter in Arkansas is $16.85, it was calculated that Joe’s net worth was somewhere in the neighbourhood of $400,000 dollars.

The native of Arkansas also operates a small farm in addition to his business as a carpenter.

Chase Looney

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Wife and Grandchildren

Even though we have no information on Joe Looney’s dating history, it is reasonable to assume that he and his current wife had a strong connection even before they were married because of the strong link that exists between them.

At the very least, Joe and his wife have had one kid, and that child is none other than the well-known HGTV personality Chase Looney.


In addition to being a skilled carpenter, Joe’s son is a devoted family member. He and his wife, Chelsie Lamborn-Looney, are living a joyful married life. At the very least, Chase and Chelsie have been blessed with the birth of two children: a boy and a girl.

Although it is common knowledge that Joe and Chase have a wonderful friendship, less well known is the fact that Joe is also very close to his grandchildren.

On April 17, 2020, Chase posted a number of images on his Instagram profile. One of those pictures included Joe, who seemed to be having a great time hanging out with his grandkids.

Joe Looney

Even Joe’s wife loves spending time with her grandchildren. In one of the photos that were uploaded to Chase’s Facebook profile, Joe’s wife could be seen assisting her granddaughter Lucy with the piano practise she needed to do.

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