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Leah Williams is the name of a popular television personality and host from the United States of America. Leah Williams is an experienced and talented host who currently works for QVC shopping networks. She is an elegant woman with short hair and a lot of confidence which makes her look classic!

Leah Williams is the most noticeable host working for the QVC retail company and she is associated with the QVC shopping network for a long time. Whenever we hear the word QVC Shopping the first picture which comes in our mind is of Leah. People trust Williams a lot and she has made a next-level connection with customers and they find it comfortable to buy products recommended by her.

It has been more than two decades that Leah Williams is working with the QVC shopping network and she started working with QVC since the year 1996. Before working with the main QVC channel Leah Williams was working for an advertising agency located in California.

You all are aware of the talent of Leah promoting products on-screen but a few are aware of her personal life. In this article, we are going to talk about some inside information and her secret of her weight loss. So, stay tuned till the end.


Leah Williams Wiki

The exact date of birth of Leah Williams is not known but she is in her 50’s that’s for sure. She started her career first in the Q2 network which is a sister company of QVC. She did her graduation degree from Howard University in Broadcast management. Then, she began her professional career working at the California advertising agency and then later joined to Lesher Newspaper.

Leah Williams qvc

Leah Williams has worked as a marketing manager as well as developing events for different agencies. Let’s now talk about the quick weight loss of Leah Williams which has been very controversial as well as trending. She has lost a lot of weight within a few months which has shocked a lot of people from all around the world.

Leah Williams Weight Loss

Leah has lost a considerable amount of weight and her weight loss has been discussed a lot lately. In the year 2018, Leah Williams came back on television, and people were amazed by looking at her physical appearance. Not only she was out of the limelight from media but also from social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, as well as Instagram.

For more than three years Leah Williams didn’t share any personal photos on her social media profiles. But, after a long time when she did, it was a big surprise for her fans. Her baggy clothes were gone, her body fat was gone and you couldn’t recognize that it was Leah Williams. She did get an overwhelmingly positive response for her new look but also there were some who didn’t like the new Leah William’s look.

Leah Williams qvc

The fact that her transformation surprised a lot of people was as she never spoke about it and it was completely under the radar. Leah did her weight loss as she wanted to become a healthy person and for her good she did it. But, many people didn’t like her new look and some even criticized her.

On the other hand, Leah Williams ignoring all the negative comment did keep her good work of becoming a fit person. Now, Williams looks 10 years younger than her age similar to how she looked when she debuted. Now, she can wear her favorite tight suits again throwing away all the baggy clothes.

Did Leah do a Weight Loss Surgery?

When Leah Williams made a re-entry to the QVC channel with her new look people were amazed looking at her body. Seeing her toned down lean body people couldn’t recognize it was Leah. A lot of speculations and doubt started raising about how she did such a big transformation. Was it done naturally? Or using any weight loss surgery? I know you guys also have the same question.

Yes, weight loss surgeries re popular amongst all the television personalities as well as celebrities. But, you need to keep in mind the fact that all the people who opt for weight loss surgeries are actually obese. They are so fat that reducing weight by natural diet and exercise is near to impossible for them and they are left with no other option.

Leah Williams qvc weight loss

But, in the case of Leah Williams, it was all-natural, and with her hard work and dedication, she was able to achieve this body. Yes I know it was a huge transformation but it is achievable and a lot of people have done it. Also, you can see gradual changes in her body through her photos and her body fat percent was reducing in each photo.

So, we conclude that the weight loss of Leah Williams was completely natural and she did it by her own efforts and hard work. Although there are many haters of Leah who say that it is not natural but actually it is natural. If you are overweight then you can also lose that much weight with proper training and guidance.

How did Williams actually lose weight (Secret)?

After seeing a different version of Leah Williams a lot of people were curious about how did she manage to lose so much weight. Everybody wants to lose fat and people were seriously searching for reasons of weight loss. What kind of workout did Leah William do? What food did she eat? People had a lot of queries.

Leah Williams qvc weight

Leah Williams Weight Loss

When she was asked about her secret to her weight loss she answered diet is key. Avoiding sweet food, sugar, and fried stuff is very essential if you want to lose weight. To trim down and get a lean body you also need the right exercise and workout program. There are various diets available such as Keto diet, low carb diet, etc. You can consult a fitness trainer or dietitian if you are oversize and want to cut some fat.

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Career, Salary & Net Worth

Leah Williams started her career working as an advertising agent in a company located in California. Williams marketing stuff and promotions for the company named  Lesher Communications Newspapers. KDIA network was her next agency where she worked professionally as a sales manager.

Leah is a multi-talented person and not only she has worked as a television host but also as a radio broadcaster with KWUN-TV. Then, after a few years, Leah moved to KWUN-TV  which was located in the hometown of Williams Fresno. Later, Leah was working with Q2 which was a sister brand of QVC.

Leah Williams qvc weight loss

Due to her exceptional work, Leah was successful to grab the attention of a lot of people and she finally got promoted to QVC shopping network in the year 1996. She was definitely talented as she was chosen among the other 300 people in auditions. On QVC, Leah began her career promoting a faux leather handbag and she was quite nervous for her first show.

Leah Williams qvc

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Unknown facts & Trivia

  • Many don’t know the fact that Leah Williams is a shoe lover. She likes to collect shoes and Leah says that your shoes say a lot about your personality.
  • Also, a popular magazine named Insider Q wrote an article about Leah and her obsession with shoes.
  • Leah is in her 50’s now and she still loves her job after doing it consistently for more than 2 decades. Now, she says that presenting the show is just like sitting on the couch and having a chat with friends.
  • Since a very tender age, Leah Williams likes shopping like thousands of other women out there. She used to go for shopping quite frequently with her sister named Mona Williams.
  • Indeed it was her sister Mona Williams who suggested Leah join QVC. Obviously, it was the best suggestion of her life. Mona moved to New York City away from Leah but still, they used to talk about the products on QVC through the phone.
  • Leah was born and brought up in California along with her siblings and parents. She does not have any children but she loves to care of her nephews.
  •  The Good Wife and Empire is the most liked tv series of Leah. Her dream is to buy a house near the sea.
  • Traveling and reading books are favorite things of Leah Williams other than shopping and presenting show!
  • Leah is quite active on social media platforms and she also has a considerable amount of fan following. On Twitter, she has more than 5k followers whereas on Instagram she has more than 15k followers.

If you want to get the latest updates and personal information about Leah Williams then you can follow her right now on Instagram. Her Insta handle is by the name @leahwilliamsqvc!


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