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Shantel Jackson is an American model and actor who is renowned for being in a relationship with many high profile personalities. Shantel Jackson also got a lot of name and fame after dating famous boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. Shantel is 37 years old (as of 2019) American citizen. She is currently in a relationship with famous rapper Nelly. In this post, we will discuss Shantel Jackson net worth, (Nelly) married, Wikipedia, wiki, bio.


Personal life

Shantel Christine Jackson was born on 28th July 1984 in Miami, Florida. She spent most of her childhood life in Miami. Shantel has four siblings and she is the middle child of her parents. Shantel’s ethnicity is mixed and she is mixed American-African, Indian-American. Her origin is Caucasian and since childhood was into acting and modeling.

She always used to participate in stage performances and various competitions in her schooling days. Shantel completed her schooling from Miami itself. Later, she joined Technical Arts High School and completed an entertainment technology course.

In this school of Technical Arts, she learned everything about the process of filmmaking, from editing to writing. After this, she joined the University of Miami to learn advance acting skills and also psychology. Eventually, Shantel becomes camera-friendly and she then decided to move to the glamour and entertainment industry. Thus, Shantel Jackson was involved in various activities and she is a multi-talented personality.

Shantel Jackson Relationships

Shantel Jackson

Shantel and Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather Jr. who is one of the most popular and skilled professional boxer was once the boyfriend of Shantel Jackson. Prior to the relationship between Floyd and Shantel, no one even about Shantel. But, this relation between the duo got Shantel Jackson a lot of name and fame. This adorable couple met each other in the year 2006.

They had a very long 8-year-old relationship but they broke up many times in these 8 years. Floyd Mayweather and Shantel Jackson even got engaged once but due to some internal disputes, they broke up.

You will be shocked to know the fact that Shantel was pregnant and was going to become the mother of twin babies. But, Mayweather said to have an abortion because he thought that giving birth to kids would ruin the figure of his girlfriend, Shantel. Also, there are many controversies between Jackson and Floyd. Jackson also once filed a lawsuit against Floyd Mayweather stating that he blackmailed her and also stole her things.

Also, Shantel stated that he tried to kill her and he had pointed a gun towards her. Shantel Jackson also said that Floyd used t force her to do plastic surgeries and he used to pay for the surgeries. Once Floyd Mayweather posted a very controversial picture on social media in which he posted a picture of Shantel and the caption was ‘I want my money back’. These all disputes between the two finally led to break up!

Shantel Jackson

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Rapper Nelly and Shantel Jackson

After having a very sad ending to her long relationship with her ex-boyfriend Floyd Mayweather, she started dating the very popular artist and rapper, Nelly. Recently, after the breakup, Shantel and Nelly were quite close together. In the year 2019, they both starting dating and pictures of them together went viral on all social media platforms. Three years prior to their relationship there was one more viral rumor that Nelly and Jackson are dating and planning to marry soon. But, Shantel had cleared in the interview about their relationship and also stated that all these are just rumors. But, now after their relationship being serious, there might be chances that they both may marry soon.

Shantel Jackson

Career & wiki

Shantel Jackson has starred as a guest on the popular show “Ridiculousness“. Along with working on television, several shows as well as in some series she worked in the movie ‘Freelancers‘ in th year 2012. Also, in the year 2016, she has been the part of some short movies namely “Good Riddance” and “Eye of the Beholder“. Currently, she also has launched her own merchandise and collection of clothes both for men as well as women.

Along with all these, Shantel Jackson is seen in several popular music videos in Stay Fly by Three 6 Mafia, Let’s get Away by T.I. in a Jamie Foxx creation named Unpredictable. From all these, you can estimate how much the net worth might Shantel Jackson have! Her work in various fields has given her a lot of money and fame.

Shantel Jackson is quite popular on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. She is one of the most popular stars on Instagram having over 1.5 million followers on it. Along with this she also has a twitter account having 150k followers as of the year 2019. She uses all the social media platforms quite frequently except facebook where she only has 12k followers.

She likes to tweet and share pictures of her personal life and social life as well. Shantel shares photos and videos of her and her pets very frequently. Shantel Jackson loves to travel and indeed she travels a lot and likes to share it with her fans. Due to having such a huge following she also gets paid to advertise and promote various kinds of stuff.


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Some random facts and trivia!

  • Many people don’t actually know that Shantel is having a very mixed and diverse ethnicity.  She is part American-Indian, Caucasian, and a part Black American as well.
  • Shantel has an excellent figure and a very attractive body features but when it comes to the height, she only heights only 5’3″ (159 cms).
  • She has links to very popular and rich personalities and even she has dated many of them. Some of them include Floyd Mayweather, Rapper Nelly, Cornell Haynes Jr.
  • Shantel Jackson is an animal lover and she owns various pets, including dogs and cats.

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