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Shirleen Allicot is a media figure noted as a journalist and news caster. At the moment, she is employed at WABC-TV in the capacity of a co-anchor for the Morning and Noon Eyewitness News programmes.

Shirleen Allicot

There is a lot of information available on Shirleen of ABC, including her history, her personal life, and the development of her work.

Shirleen Allicot  Wiki

The journalist’s birthday is August 15th, and she was born in Guyana, Queens, in 1974. She was born in London, which is located in the United Kingdom, and she is going to be 48 years old in August of 2022. However, when she was just three months old, her parents moved her to Ozone Park, which is situated in the borough of Queens in the state of New York.

Shirleen Allicot

Shirleen Allicot is a citizen of the United States of America despite the fact that she was born in England. She earned citizenship via naturalisation as she has developed and created a life in the United States. The members of Shirleen Allicot’s family include both of her parents as well as her four siblings. Both of her parents worked for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority of New York City (MTA).

Sadly, her father passed away in 2010 as the result of complications from a full-blown stroke. Because of this, she became a supporter of the American Heart Association, an organisation that works to prevent heart attacks and strokes. There is no information on the co-brothers anchor’s can be found anywhere on the internet, despite the fact that he has six of them.

The journalist is of African-American origin. Her height is around 5 feet and 7 inches, which is the average for women (1.7 m). She attended Hofstra University in Hempstead, which is located on Long Island, to get a Bachelor of Arts degree in Broadcast Journalism.

Husband & Relationships

In addition to her role as a news anchor for ABC, Shirleen Allicot is also a wife and a mother. The man that Shirleen Allicot calls her husband is Jesse Gilmer. In 2014, Shirleen and her husband started dating, and after a few years of dating, their love flourished and developed to the point where they decided to be married.

A wedding ceremony was held for the pair on June 15, 2015, during which they exchanged vows and became husband and wife. Photos that have been uploaded to Shirleen’s Instagram account reveal a happy pair who seem to have a healthy relationship. In 2018, Shirleen and Jesse decided to commemorate their wedding anniversary by travelling to Paris, which is located in France. The happy couple marked the occasion by taking a trip in a private helicopter to the city of love, Paris.

Shirleen Allicot

They had a walking tour of the city and dinner at the most upscale restaurant it has to offer. In addition, after returning home from the trip commemorating their anniversary, they went ahead and updated their wedding vows.

The person that Shirleen Allicot has chosen to spend the rest of her life with is of African-American descent and was born in the United States of America.

Jesse is a well-known figure due to the fact that he is romantically involved with Shirleen. He is a director at IMG. He is the Chief Executive Officer of JEG Sports & Entertainment, which has its headquarters in New York.

Jesse Gilmer attended New York University and received his master’s degree in sports marketing and management there. He has prior experience working in marketing for some of the most well-known sports and entertainment businesses in the world, such as the National Football League, the NCAA, the PGA Association, the United States Tennis Association, and Coachella. In addition to that, he is a wonderful partner and parent to his family.

Jesse Gilmer and Shirleen Allicot are the joyful parents of three children: two beautiful girls and a stunning boy. Their first daughter, Shayla Joelle Gilmer, was born on March 15, 2017, and their second daughter, Georgina Gilmer, will arrive on July 13, 2019. Wesley was their very last kid to be born. Is there a child that belongs to Shirleen Allicot? At first, it was believed that Shayla and Gigi had been born to Allicot as their mother.

But in February of the same year 2021, the news co-anchor revealed that she was expecting a child and that she would soon become a mother. The news came as a complete shock to many people, including her coworkers. Sam Champion was astonished by Shirleen’s ability to maintain the confidentiality of the information. Her co-stars on the programme, Heather O’Rourke and Ken Rosato, were happy for her and expressed their congratulations.

Wesley was Shirleen’s third kid, and he was born on August 27, 2021. He was given the name Wesley. The information immediately disseminated, with Eyewitness News being the source of the initial announcement.


At the beginning of her career, Shirleen had positions at News 12 Connecticut, News 12 Long Island, and News 12 the Bronx, all of which are affiliates of the News 12 network. She was able to hone her skills in the Bronx, where she also filmed, wrote, and edited all of her work.

After that, Shirleen became a co-anchor for the Action News at four on WPVI and the Action News at ten on WPHL, all of which are based in Philadelphia. She has reported on a wide range of topics, including Hurricane Sandy, the bombings at the Boston Marathon, and the horrible Amtrak tragedy that occurred in 2015.

Shirleen Allicot

Interviewing former First Lady Michelle Obama in the Kennedy Garden of the White House and providing live broadcasts from London during the 2018 Royal Wedding are two of her most memorable experiences. Both of these events took place in 2018. After graduating from college in 2010, she started working at WABC Eyewitness News. Together with David Novarro, she is currently the co-host of Eyewitness News this Morning and Eyewitness News at Noon.

Eyewitness News has become more like a family to Shirleen since they celebrated her return to the screens and welcomed her with open arms. Ryan Field, Ken Rosato, Michelle Charlesworth, Lee Goldberg, Sam Ryan, Sade Baderinwa, and Sam Champion are Shirleen Allicot’s coworkers at ABC Eyewitness News. Shirleen Allicot also works with Sam Champion.

Net Worth & Salary

The yearly income of Shirleen Allicot is approximately approximated to be $85,000. It is believed that she has a net worth of close to one million dollars. The cash came from her assets, wages, and finances that she had on hand. The bulk of her financial stability may be attributed to the fact that she is a journalist by trade.

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