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Actress, singer, and composer Amelia Fiona Jessica “Minnie” Driver, better known by her stage name Minnie Driver, is of British and American descent. In the year 2022, Minnie Driver has a net worth of sixteen million dollars. Her roles in cult classics such as Gus Van Sant’s Good Will Hunting and Grosse Pointe Blank brought her the most attention and made her a household name.

Her performance in the film Good Will Hunting, in which she co-starred with Matt Damon and Robin Williams, earned her a nomination for the Academy Award in the category of Best Supporting Actress as well as a Screen Actors Guild Award. As a result of his work in the American television drama “The Riches,” Driver received nominations for both the Emmy Award and the Golden Globe Award.

Minnie Driver

Minnie Driver is also well-known for her work as a talented vocalist. She began her career by singing on her own solo albums, in addition to roles in a number of animated series and films, such as SuperMansion and Tarzan, as well as in video games, such as Jurassic Park: Trespasser.

Due to the fact that she has a passion for music, the multitalented personality is also a well-known singer and songwriter. In 1990, this stunning woman of British descent made her debut in the world of entertainment with a little part in a television series.

Her first taste of fame came as a result of her participation in a commercial for the deodorant brand ‘Right Guard.’ After seeing Meryl Streep in “Sophie’s Choice,” she came to the conclusion that acting should be her career. Minnie was her nickname before she was legally recognised as Amelia Fiona J. Driver. Her given name was Amelia Fiona J. Driver.

At her younger years, she supplemented her income by performing jazz singing and playing guitar in jazz clubs. She has been in a number of relationships, including ones with actors John Cusack and Matt Damon, who are both famous in their own right. Her relationship with the actor Josh Broslin, which was quite publicised, did not last forever.

She is a mother to a boy, the identity of whose father she subsequently divulged to be Timothy J. Lea. She had appeared in the television series “The Riches,” for which he had written the scripts. Her love of surfing has led her to locate her house in close proximity to the water.

Her most recent musical release is titled “Ask Me to Dance.” Throughout the course of her successful career as an actress, singer, and performer, she has been honoured with a number of prestigious prizes and distinctions.

Minnie Driver Wiki

Date of birth: January 31st, 1970 As of the year 2022, Minnie Driver will have reached the age of 52 years. She was born in London, England, and raised there throughout her childhood. She adheres to the Christian faith and maintains dual citizenship in the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

Minnie Driver

After her parents divorced when she was approximately six years old, Driver was placed in a boarding school in the state of Hampshire called Bedales. She attended this institution until she graduated. After that, Driver attended the Webber-Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art, and after that, she began her education at Collingham Institution, which is an independent college located in London, England.

Boyfriends & Family

Ronnie Driver and Gaynor Churchward are Minnie Driver’s parents. Minnie’s older brother is also named Ronnie. Ronnie Driver, who works in the field of directing, is Minnie Driver’s father and gives his name to his daughter. Minnie Driver’s mother’s name is Gaynor Churchward, and she worked in the fashion industry as a couture model and a fabric designer in the past.

She is the middle child of three. Kate Driver is the name of her sister, and she is a producer and manager in the entertainment industry. Charlie Driver and Edward Churchward are also the names of her brothers.

In the year 2001, Minnie Driver and Josh Brolin broke up their engagement. She is presently engaged to Addison O’Dea, and the wedding is set to take place in 2019. Henry Story Driver, who was born on September 5th, 2008, is another member of the Driver family.


In 1990, Minnie Driver had a cameo appearance in an episode of a television series. Her first television advertisement, which aired in 1991 and was for the deodorant brand “Right Guard,” is credited with launching her career. In the same year, she had her first performance in front of an audience.

Due to the fact that she had a minor role in an episode of the series ‘Casualty,’ her name was sometimes mentioned on television. Her name began to be linked with those of the well-known comedians Armando Iannucci and Steve Coogan about the same period. Other comedies such as “Love Joy,” “The House of Eliott,” and “Peak Practice” had her as a cast member at some point.

As one of the key characters in the 1995 film “Circle of Friends,” in which she co-starred with Chris O’Donnell, she gained a large number of fans at the time of its release. This event was a significant turning point in her professional life. Her acting debut was in the James Bond film Golden Eye, which was released the same year. In the years that followed, she was cast in parts within the critically acclaimed films “Sleepers” and “Grosse Pointe Blank.”

In 1997, it was revealed that Minnie had been nominated for an Academy Award for her performance in the critically praised film “Good Will Hunting.” She was considered for the award in the category of “Best Supporting Actress.”

Her performance in the same film earned her a nomination for the Screen Actors Guild Award as well as the London Film Critics Circle Award. One of her numerous reported affairs has been with the main actor Matt Damon. Her name has also been associated with other actors.

Minnie Driver has had an extensive cinematic career, during which she has appeared in a wide array of films in meaty parts. In the latter half of the 1990s, she had roles in many critically acclaimed films, including “Hard Rain,” co-starring Morgan Freeman and Christian Slater, “The Governess,” and “An Ideal Husband.” She played the part of Lorraine Finster in the long-running television comedy series ‘Will & Grace,’ in which she was a recurring cast member.

Since the year 2000, she has been in a number of films, some of which include ‘Return to Me,’ ‘Owning Mahowny,’ ‘Ella Enchanted,’ ‘The Phantom of the Opera,’ ‘Delirious,’ and ‘Take.’ Other films include these. Her appearance in an episode of the television show “Modern Family” is one of the other parts that she has played.

Minnie Driver

Her work on the television series “The Riches” not only resulted in her being nominated for a number of awards but also led to the birth of her son, who was fathered by the comedy writer and TV producer Timothy J. Lea.

She didn’t start working on the drama film “Conviction,” which came out in 2010, until five months after the birth of her son Henry Story Drivers. The film was released in 2010. She then went on to provide an outstanding performance in the film “Barney’s Version,” for which she was nominated for and ultimately won the “Genie Award” in the “Best Supporting Actress” category.

She was nominated for both the Critics’ Choice Television Award and the Primetime Emmy Award for her role in the television movie titled “Return to Zero,” for which she received the nominations.

Minnie Driver had an appearance in the 2014-2015 season of the NBC sitcom “About a Boy,” which has just just been shown. In addition, she had a role in the movie titled “The Crash,” which was released in 2017 and directed by Aram Rappaport.

Trivia & Unknown Facts

  • In addition to that, she has starred in prominent parts in the movies Big Night, Grosse Pointe Blank, and The Governess, and in 2016, she started appearing on the ABC comedy Speechless.
  • She was a singer and guitarist who performed in the jazz genre. I
  • n the year 1995, she made her first appearance on the big screen in the movie Circle of Friends.
  • Her performance as Carlotta in the film adaptation of “The Phantom of the Opera” from 2004 got her a nomination for Best Supporting Actress from both the London Film Critics Circle Award and the Satellite Award.
  • She had her first son, Henry, in September 2008 and later revealed the father to be producer Tim Lea.
  • In 1998, she had a relationship with Good Will Hunting co-star Matt Damon, and in 2001, she was engaged to Josh Brolin for a short period of time.
  • From 2007 to 2008, she appeared in the FX series The Riches with Eddie Izzard in the role of co-star.

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